Destiny: if your Black Hammer is being a jerk, don’t worry about it

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 29 April 2015 02:43 GMT

Destiny players have found a problem with the Black Hammer sniper rifle, but don’t worry; Bungie is on the case.


The Black Hammer is one of Destiny’s hottest weapons at the moment. A Legendary found only in the Crota’s End raid, it’s an absolute beast, easily rivalling Ice Breaker for sheer awesomeness thanks to its White Nail magazine refill perk.

Unfortunately, it’s being a bit of a jerk at the moment: if you unlock all its perks it continues to display as not quite fully upgraded.

This is a small, cosmetic thing, but it drives players bugshit. This is the same playerbase which spouted dozens of forum threads on the way upgrade notifications would reappear when a weapon was retrieved from the Vault, after all. (We’re a funny lot, we Guardians. I suspect it has something to do with how clean Destiny’s interface is; any discrepancy drives us crazy.)

Anyway, don’t freak out – your Black Hammer isn’t broken. Bungie has found an issue with the rifle’s Hive Breaker perk, and has temporarily disabled it. Until Hive Breaker is restored, the Black Hammer won’t show as fully upgraded.

The issue will be fixed, along with White Nail not working on Fallen Walker legs. Keep on eye on the relevant support page for updates.

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