Let’s take a look at Blood Bowl 2’s Chaos faction

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 17 April 2015 07:13 GMT

Blood Bowl 2: The Chaos Theory is only the latest in a much loved series of games based on a game based on two other games.


Blood Bowl is a popular Games Workshop tabletop game which blends the fantasy universe of Warhammer with a fantasy sport drawing inspiration from American football and related games.

It’s been adapted as a video game twice so far, and the last entry was successful enough that Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive are having another go, bringing the sequel to PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

In the new gameplay video below you can take a look at the Chaos team, which is pretty distinct from the human-allied opposition.

“Chaos teams have a natural predisposition to a certain type of play style when it comes to a Blood Bowl match, favouring one very specific tactic amongst all: crippling, maiming, injuring, trampling, and killing as many opponent players as possible,” Focus said in a press release.

“And, when only few or no survivors is left, they finally care about the ball to score a touchdown. However, do not believe that nimbler teams will have it easy weaving past and the punches: the Chaos teams are the only ones to have innate access, among all 75 skills in the game, to mutations.

“These mutations are not just bringing visual modifications on your players; they also bring meaningful advantages. They can, for example, increase their destruction potential, but also handicap the dodging, running or passing of more agile teams.”


The Human side’s trailer was released last month.

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