Steam Guard mobile authenticator now in beta testing

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 16 April 2015 02:28 GMT

Steam is now testing its latest security measure.


Steam helps you protect your account by offering two-factor authentication, a solution so beautifully elegant and effective that it’s astounding every gaming network doesn’t do the same (looking at you, Sony).

Valve’s version is called Steam Guard, and it works via email. This isn’t always super convenient, so the developer is testing a new version that works via a mobile app.

If you’re keen to have a go, you can opt-in to the beta by joining the appropriate Steam Community group. Only the Android version is available at present, but Valve hopes to have an iOS app “soon”.

Valve is so confident in Steam Guard that Gabe Newell demonstrated its powers by revealing his own password during the system’s announcement event. You should, of course, also protect your passwords by making them unique and strong, changing them regularly, and keeping your devices secure.

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