Bloodborne patch 1.02 fixes Lunarium Key progression bug, removes item dupe glitch

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 1 April 2015 08:44 GMT

Bloodborne has received its first update post-launch. Update 1.02 fixes the infamous progression bug and removes the item duping glitch.


Some Bloodborne players suffered a nasty bug that prevented them from progressing further in the game if they partook in a multiplayer session in the Forbidden Woods. An item needed to progress further in the game, the Lunarium Key, would simply not drop.

Thankfully, patch 1.02 is here with a fix for this issue. Reports are also stating that among the various other bug fixes the patch brought, it also removed the item duping glitch.

The patch is around 300mb in size and it’s available now. Your game should download it automatically as you’ll only be able to play online with it applied.

This is not the patch Sony promised would release to make those nasty load times shorter. That patch is still in development.

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