Bloodborne players are already documenting their crazy antics

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 25 March 2015 19:21 GMT

Bloodborne has been available for almost two days now in North America, and already players are posting interesting clips and character customization choices for the game.

Below are interesting takes on creating a character and videos of a frustrating death and another full of blood coming from a very painful place – monster or not.

There’s also one of a player kicking a werewolf’s ass using only his bare hands. We’d want him on our team any day.

There aren’t many yet, obviously, but if you run across any in particular that you found amusing, or you have created one yourself, post it in the comments section for us and we’ll be sure to share it with as many people as we can.

Bloodborne was released yesterday in North America and is out today in Europe on PlayStation 4.

Bloodborne in a Nutshell by Kellen Adderly

Bloodborne in a Nutshell by Live Distraction

Michael Jackson in Bloodborne by EatMyDiction1

SpiderLaw Takes Down a Werewolf With His Bare Hands

The Best Room in Bloodborne by Jordan Devore of Destructoid

Nicholas Cage in Bloodborne by FlockingSheep

bloodborne _nic_cage

The Joker in Bloodborne by mynameisnotspecial


Nigel Thornberry in Bloodborne by BlackMageUltima


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in Bloodborne by Emin Çıtak


Getting tan lines while hunting in Bloodborne by Cast_Enigma


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