Battlefield Hardline guide: where to find all evidence and complete Case Files

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17 March 2015 04:10 GMT

A guide to finding all the evidence in Battlefield Hardline, to complete the Case Files and take home three trophies/achievements.


There are two types of collectibles in Battlefield Hardline; warrants and evidence. For a guide to finding all suspects with open warrants, go here. For Evidence locations, read on.

There’s a lot of evidence to find in Battlefield Hardline’s single player campaign, and doing so will unlock weapons and perks. Most importantly, once you collect all the evidence for a particular Case File, you’ll unlock trophies and achievements.

Most of the evidence is easy to find as you have a handy gadget to help you. Press R1/RB to bring up the scanner, which will tell you the general direction to look in and how many pieces of evidence there is to find in the location you’re in. When it’s not in use you’ll feel it rumble briefly when you’re close to evidence, so if it goes off during a shootout, make sure you clear the area before hunting down the evidence.

The three trophies/achievements you’ll earn are:

  • Keep Digging, Detective: Complete Any Case File
  • True Detective: Complete 3 Case Files
  • World’s Greatest Detective: Complete All Case Files

Below you’ll find all the evidence in every single-player mission, and which Case File is belongs to.

Episode 1: Back to School


Ledger and Money – The Hot Shot File

This is easy as you’re required to find it as an objective. It’s the document on the desk.

Surveillance Photo of Stoddard – The Hot Shot File

In the same room scan the evidence next to the print.

Box of Hot Shot – The Hot Shot File

The last piece of evidence is in the room next door. This will unlock the Hot Shot case file and the Keep Digging achievement.

Episode 2: Checking Out


Care Instructions Memo – The Elmore Hotel Investigation

From the entrance (at the top of the short steps) look to your left with the scanner and you’ll highlight a nasty-looking shirt. Move closer and scan it.

Box of Hot Shot – Hot Shot Supply Chain

In the back-right corner of the laundry you’ll find a Box of Hot Shot near the steps.

Drug Purchase List – The Elmore Hotel Investigation

In the small room off the laundry you’ll be able to scan the Drug Purchase List.

Vial of Hot Shot – The Elmore Hotel Investigation

This is your first piece of evidence being carried by a person. Scan the guards at the entrance and find Javier Rosado. Arrest him and search him for the Vial of Hot Shot.

Tablet with IM Client – The Elmore Hotel Investigation

In the hotel lobby go over to the reception desk and scan the tablet on the copier.

Answering Machine – The Elmore Hotel Investigation

Next to the reception desk is an office. Search the desk for the Answering Machine evidence.

Episode 3: Gator Bait


Exploded Drug Bale – Hot Shot Supply Chain

Pretty easy. Once you leave the fanboat and take down the three criminals. The Exploded Bale is right on the floor in the middle of the grass.

Toxic Barrel – Internal Affairs

Just over from the Bale is a barrel – right near the jetty to the boat. Scan it.

Regional Zoning Map – Internal Affairs

Remember to look high for this one. Head north on the boat and go right to the dock. Leave the boat, use the grapple to climb the nearest tower and the zipline to the next tower. The map is pinned to the wall.

Chemical Barrel – Internal Affairs

South of the gator farm/east of the reserve is a group of huts and another building. There’s a chemical barrel here.

Kilo of Cocaine – Internal Affairs

Go south of the lake and near the sawmill you’ll find the coke on top of another tower, so you’ll need to use the grapple.

Newspaper Story – Internal Affairs

There’s a whole bunch of crooks here. Scan them because one is Thomas Bell and he’s carrying the newspaper. Arrest him, don’t kill him.

Torture Traces – Internal Affairs

on the right hand side of the gator farm is a shack with a pair of boots in them. Sometimes evidence is not as obvious as you’d expect. Scan ’em.

Dead Gator – Internal Affairs

You can’t miss this guy. In the middle of the gator farm is a big dead gator. It’s evidence.

Stained Fanboat – Internal Affairs

At the sawmill you can’t miss this – the big fanboat is evidence, so scan it.

Water Sampling Equipment – Internal Affairs

Look for a workbench in one of the small shacks to find the water sampling kit. You partner will give you an audio clue here.

Note Pinned with Switchblade – Internal Affairs

On a pile of logs at the sawmill this note is pinned to the wood with a knife.

Manila Envelope – Internal Affairs

There’s an office inside a shipping container at the sawmill. The note is sitting on the desk.

Episode 4: Case Closed


Barrels of Dye – Internal Affairs

On the first floor on the back wall of the warehouse you’ll find the barrel.

Gym Bag of Money – Hot Shot Supply Chain

In the office on the first floor you’ll find the bag of cash on a table. It’s got a big number 1 next to it.

Burner Cellphones – Internal Affairs

On the third floor there’s an office half way along the corridor on the left. The burners are in the trash can.

Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy – Internal Affairs

Again, on the third floor there’s an office with a massive stuffed toy. Scan it.

Elmore Plaza Business Card – The Elmore Hotel Investigation

Get this and you’ve completed the Elmore Hotel Investigation case file. Go up the stairs from the third floor to the managers office and it’s on the desk.

Poster for Tamu-Tamu – Internal Affairs

In the warehouse you’ll find the poster underneath the Tactical Gear box.

Tamu-Tamu DVDs – Internal Affairs

Down on the warehouse floor you’ll see a box on a shelf in the center of the room. If you scan from the walkway outside the office you’ll see them from a distance.

Letter from Neltz’s Business Manager – Internal Affairs

Below the entrance is a bigger office with the evidence. You’ll find it at the back of the room on a desk.

Flyer for Tamu-Tamu – Internal Affairs

In the office downstairs is a flyer on the bookshelf.

Crate of Hot Shot – Hot Shot Supply Chain

In the basement of the warehouse is the Crate of Hot Shot. It’s in the back corner, but take out the guard in control of the camera first.

Episode 5: Gauntlet

There’s no evidence to collect in this episode. You’ll understand why when you play.

Episode 6: Out of Business


Purchase Order for Bianchi – Power Play

It’s on the desk inside the dealership near the front of the building.

Letter from Kang’s Wife – Power Play

In the back office on the desk with the unconnected computer.

Boomer Photo – Power Play

Behind the garage in the scrapyard scan the thugs for James Mun. Take him down and search him for the photo.

Designer Luggage – Power Play

Once you’ve dealt with all the criminals in the yard search the table in the garage.

K-Pop Album – Power Play

This is in the warehouse in the corner opposite the office. Look for a boombox and it’s close by.

Remote Detonator – Power Play

This is in the scrapyard on a workbench close to one of the cars.

Photo of Lily Kang and Roark – Power Play

At the back of the chop shop and through the door is an office. The photo is on the desk on the left.

Bomb Under Kang’s Bianchi – Power Play

Look underneath the white vehicle to find the bomb in the chop shop.

Pallet of Hot Shot – Hot Shot Supply Chain

This is out in the open – under the walkway against the wall in the chop shop.

Episode 7: Glass Houses

greenhouse evidence

White Van – Power Play

Look for a garage near the utility room that has a white van sitting inside. The label on the side is what you need to scan.

Shipping Labels – Power Play

On the office desk in the dining room on the first floor of the mansion.

Wall of Photos – Power Play

You’ll find the gym next to the garage. Inside on the right-hand wall is a hidden door, which reveals a cork board full of photos.

Safe Combination – Power Play

After the meeting one of the guys downstairs is Cameron Briller. He’s carrying the safe combination.

Tanks of Tear Gas – Power Play

Inside the greenhouse is small cupboard with a tank of tear gas. Scan it.

Box of SS190 Cartridges – Power Play

Inside the shooting range is a box of cartridges on the shelf.

Rifle Suppressors – Power Play

Again, these are in the shooting range, in the booth next to where the single guy shooting was.

SWAT Flak Jackets – Power Play

There’s a small room inside the shooting range where you’ll find the jackets.

File Inside the Safe – Power Play

To the left of the bed where you plant the phone you’ll find the safe with a blueprint inside it.

Episode 8: Sovereign Land


Bomb Blueprint – The Boomer Connection

You’ll find this in the trailer outside the communication compound. The one Boomer tells you he’s going to when you begin to sneak into the compound.

Hot Shot Lab – Hot Shot Supply Chain

To the left of the alarm you disable in the compound, you’ll find a trailer and the evidence is inside the stove. This completes the Hot Shot Supply Chain case.

ATF Agent’s Badge – The Boomer Connection

Jim Preston is inside the compound and he’s carrying the badge you need. Subdue him, don’t kill him.

Torture Room – The Boomer Connection

Look for a trailer with a ladder on the side of it. Climb it and into a home where you’ll find the table, chair and other torture gear.

Cell Phone – The Boomer Connection

In the same trailer you’ll find the phone next to a boombox.

Boomer Dossier – The Boomer Connection

In the southeast corner of the compound is a trailer with evidence on the table.

License Plate – The Boomer Connection

After the shootout at the gas station there’s a car around the back of the building. Scan the number plate.

ATF Agent’s Grave – The Boomer Connection

Go over to the burnt out building opposite the gas station and there’s a shallow grave to the left of the house.

Ricin Bomb – The Boomer Connection

Check out the hanger at the airfield, and look for a workbench in the corner. Get this and you’ve completed the Boomer Connection case.

Episode 9: Independence Day


Box of Books – Preferred Outcomes

Once you’ve taken out the two guards in the alley, there’s a box of books on the dumpster you should scan.

Staffing Chart – Preferred Outcomes

When you enter the high-rise, there’s a security office in the loading dock. Take down the guard and grab the staffing chart on the desk.

Letter from Chicago Politician – Preferred Outcomes

In an office near the reception desk on the 20th floor is the letter.

Revenue Sketch – Preferred Outcomes

There’s a meeting room with fruit on the table. Scan the whiteboard.

Notice of Transfer – Preferred Outcomes

Go down to Floor 19 and take down John Starnes to get the evidence.

Email from Dawes’s Computer – Power Play

On floor 21, you’ll find an office with the email on the computer monitor. This completes the Power Play case.

Photograph of Dawes’ Wife – Preferred Outcomes

To the right of the elevator on the 21st floor is a cabinet with the picture on top.

Bank Website – Preferred Outcomes

After entering the penthouse go to the office on the left of the vault. Scan the website displayed on the laptop.

Photo of Dawes’ Dying Wife – Preferred Outcomes

Follow the stairs to the bedroom and you’ll find this on the nightstand on the right of the bed.

Episode 10: Legacy


Fax from Neil Roark – Preferred Outcomes

If you start at the roadblock, go to the building at the back where the alarm is. Go inside and the fax is on the fax machine.

Summons from the IRS – Preferred Outcomes

There’s a hut near the second alarm box. Inside, the summons is behind the bar on the shelf.

Dossier on Cpt. Hector Mendoza – Preferred Outcomes

Go to the southeast of the complex and go in the building there. Search the desk papers to find the dossier.

Surveillance Log – Preferred Outcomes

Go to the north of the mansion and use the grappling hook to get onto the rooftop. Go through the glass doors and you’ll find the log on the coffee table. This completes the Preferred Outcomes Case File and all the Case Files in the game.

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