Battlefield Hardline map tips: Derailed, Downtown & Dust Bowl

By Staff
15 March 2015 19:00 GMT

How to make the most of three of the biggest, wide-open maps in Battlefield Hardline.

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All three of these maps are big, with wide open spaces and smaller buildings for tactical cover when things get too hectic. These maps are best suited for Conquest, Hotwire and the traditional Deathmatch modes. Let’s take a look at the advantages of each…


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  • Apart from around the stores, you shouldn’t really be out in the open streets on foot as you’re too vulnerable. Use vehicles to move large distances.
  • The quickest way to get off the rooftops is to jump but know that you’ll be an easy target if you’re drifting down via parachute.
  • The crane can be climbed (it takes forever) for a great sniping spot. But while you make your way up there you’re a sitting duck. Only bother if you’ve got one of the best scopes.
  • The glass sunshades at the side of the stores will collapse, so be careful of them disappearing underfoot. Use them to hop onto the whale statue and over to quickly get from one side of the shopping mall to the other. Don’t get stuck down at the bottom of the stores where you’ll be an easy target.
  • hardline_downtown2 (Copy)

  • Around the sculpture capture point there’s more cover than you realise. You can hide amongst the bushes and the sculpture itself, but you’re vulnerable from the air.
  • Get up to the top office by using the lift from the first floor.

Dust Bowl

hardline_dust_bowl1 (Copy)

  • Dust Bowl has a random sandstorm that will sweep in while you play. You have no control over it. It will disrupt your sound and vision so don’t get caught out in the open when it hits.
  • During the sandstorm you can either hunker down and defend or go on the hunt. Everyone is more vulnerable, but we’d suggest using the storm to your advantage. Switch to short range, powerful weapons like shotguns and pistols and forget about anything with a traditional scope. Lights on weapons are handy here too.
  • Dust Bowl is a really big map but you can shorten the time between control points or landmarks with the zipline. You can for instance use the zipline to get from the radio tower to the motel very quickly.
  • The motel is the central killzone for Dust Bowl that everyone descends upon. Use whatever cover it provides, as well as the abandoned truck nearby. Tripmines are your friends here – set them up in doorways and along the balconies.
  • Most of the garden fences can be destroyed here, but there’s plenty of cover to be had around the low walls of the houses if you need to pick off enemies hiding in the buildings. Remember to climb up and through windows rather than using doors. Doors are always choke points.
  • The big house at the opposite end of the map offers good sniping spots on the roof, but you’ll be vulnerable from the air. You can however see a lot of the map from the roof, so it’s worth the risk when you’re lying prone.


hardline_derailed1 (Copy)

  • Derailed is a big map with a warehouse in the center. It’s good for Conquest and Team Deathmatch. You’ll need vehicles to get around quickly. Don’t get caught out in the open.
  • You can have a lot of fun with helicopters here. Don’t just look for targets on the ground – shoot through the skylights on the warehouse and challenge any fast moving vehicles.
  • Derailed feels like it was built with motorbikes in mind. There’s plenty of space here and the storm drain in the middle is great for launching the bike into the air.
  • The warehouse is tight. Enter from the roof to get the drop on enemies, or boobytrap the doorways with laser tripmines. You can also drive vehicles straight inside the warehouse for a dramatic entrance. Show ’em you’re not scared.
  • You can climb to the top of the structure inside the warehouse and have both big and small entrances covered. Just be careful of others using the skylights above you to take you down, but this is a great spot for Blood Money games.

hardline_derailed2 (Copy)

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