Battlefield Hardline guide: Episode 9 – Independence Day

By Staff
15 March 2015 20:07 GMT

Make the siege in the skyscraper easier with our handy guide.

battlefield hardline

Battlefield Hardline guide: Episode 9 – Independence Day

This scene opens with a bang. Shoot the two bad guys quickly. Then when your nemesis walks in you get your chance to finally shut him up. Bang.

Once you’re off the boat head to the van. There are now three ways to access the building and get inside the elevator.

You can go to the right of the skyscraper and up to the top floor of the parking lot. From here you can zipline down to a balcony on the side of the office building. Sneak inside and immediately turn right to find a set of stairs, go down these and through the exit to see the alarm. Switch it off. The elevator is locked so you’ll have to sneak out front, arrest the guards and unlock it by scanning the keypad. You’ll have to be quick and patient not to alert the other guards and start a gun fight.

Alternatively, go to the left of the building and you’ll find an alley with two guards. Take them down and through the doors on the right you’ll find the security office. You can check the security cameras here to highlight all the bad guys and use the Tactical Gear to change your loadout. When you’re ready move out, silence the alarm and go to the elevator, which is locked. Sneak out front, arrest the guards and unlock the elevator by scanning the keypad. You’ll have to be quick and patient not to alert the other guards and start a gun fight.

If you try to sneak into the elevator from the front of the building you’ll set off the metal detector alarms and have a fight on your hands. Of course you can just storm the building all-guns blazing if you want to, but it’s a tough fight. All the enemies are heavily armed and a van or two will arrive out front with reinforcements.

Ride the elevator to floor 20, get out, crouch and scan the surrounding area to highlight as many guards as possible. You’re going to need to get to the corner office to drop off the explosives and it’s quite a stretch sneaking there. If you’re going to pull your guns out at least try to disable the alarms first. Either way, take your time but know that bullets will travel through the office cubicles. Once you’ve dropped off the explosives with Tyson make you way up to the penthouse suite via the private elevator.

Trigger the explosives, swim up the elevator shaft and use the touch screen in the penthouse to let Tyson in. Use the scanner on the fireplace to find the button on the bust. Before the bad guys arrive there’s time to change your loadout with the Tactical Gear in Dawe’s office if you need them. At the very least set up some laser tripmines to take a few down and grab a night vision scope.

At this point you just have to survive. Stay near the place where you let Tyson in and you can use the bulletproof glass to your advantage. When the lights go out just aim for the guard’s torches and unload all the bullets you have.

Once you blow the vault and speak to Dawes, after some drama you’ll find yourself on the street. Cops will come at you but don’t worry about sneaking. Bust out your semi-automatic weapon and blast them all, using the cars for cover. Make your way to the boat and you’ve completed the episode.

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