Battlefield Hardline guide: Episode 7 – Glass Houses

By Staff, Sunday, 15 March 2015 20:05 GMT

It’s a nice house but it’s going to be shot to pieces. You’re getting close to completing Hardline.


Battlefield Hardline guide – Episode 7: Glass Houses

Break into the mansion by using the grapple to get to the first floor balcony, then go up the stairs and plant the bug.

Once the meeting is over, you need to hide the mobile in a briefcase in the Pool House. Go down the stairs and tag any criminals you can see. When one wanders outside to the balcony you used earlier, arrest him, then the two in the room next door who are playing Dead Space. You can also arrest the guy on the phone on this level easily too, just wait for him to wander into the bedroom.

The guys downstairs are a little trickier but you should be able to arrest them with some patience. Be aware that the guards outside on the driveway also come back into the house so you need to be quick if you want to avoid a firefight.

Once all of those enemies are taken care of, go outside to the Pool House. You can zipline down or use the stairs. There’s a fair few guards here so if you’re trying to be discrete take your time and scan them from a height. If the guns come out be aware some enemies will stay up on the balcony and shoot down to you, while others will be shooting up from the pool house so use all the cover – there’s plenty of it.

At the Pool House go up to the bedroom and plant the phone in the briefcase. When you drop through the floor unload every bullet you’ve got on the goons and you’ll have completed the episode.

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