Battlefield Hardline guide: Episode 6 – Out Of Business

By Staff
15 March 2015 20:04 GMT

Meet Boomer and deal with the scumbags in the chop shop with this guide.


Battlefield Hardline guide – Episode 6: Out Of Business

Scan the dudes in the dealership and wait for them to leave, then head on over and start looking for two pieces of evidence. You’ll find one on the desk out front and the other in the far right office with the computer with the big notes attached to it.

If you haven’t changed your loadout, use the option here. We recommend a semi-automatic with a scope and a good pistol – the Bald Eagle packs a good punch.

Now plug in the drive and transfer the data. As you do this, a bunch of crooks will drive into the parking lot of the dealership. If you’re sneaky you can take the first 3 or 4 down non-lethally, but another 2 or 3 vans will roll in and so it’s here you’ll have a shootout. There’s plenty of cover to use so it shouldn’t be a problem.

The last batch of enemies roll in with a minigun attached to their SUV. Keep low and retrieve the flash drive, then stay back and use your scoped weapon to take out the minigun operator, the rest of the dudes in the car, and any that have made their way into the building. Stay away from the cars because the minigun will make ’em explode dishing out severe damage.

Once everyone is dead, hoof it to the car. Take what’s coming to you, then when you’re out of the car, shoot down the four crooks and grab the car to the salvage yard.

From the warehouse walkway opposite you’ll be able to scan the guards, one of which has an open warrant – Ji-Hun Oh. Wait for all of these guys to separate and it’s pretty easy to take them down with handcuffs rather than weapons. Ji-Hun Oh has the Boomer Photo. You’ll also find the Designer Luggage evidence in the chop shop on a desk to the left of the car.

Now release the crane and you’ll find Boomer in the trunk of a car.

Go over to the warehouse and up the steps. Arrest the guy in the office and from here you can scan all the bad guys below, as well as scan the K-Pop evidence in the far corner next to the boombox.

Go downstairs and either use lethal force (there’s plenty to blow up here) or arrest the perps. Then scan the Remote Detonator on the workbench in front of the white car.

Once you grab the laptop, you’ll have a little fight on your hands as you work back to the car. There’s no need for subtlety, just kill everyone. Now drive off and stick to the path, then take down the shooters as you race around the building site.

At the next location use the hill to scan enemies, and then make you way to the left of the train and up on the walkway to scan more enemies around the outside of the building.

There’s a lot of bad guys here so it pays to be patient and at least take a few down silently. When you have either killed or arrested everyone, scan the Bomb Under Kang’s Bianchi underneath the white car, the Photo of Lily Kang and Roark on the desk in the office and the Pallet of Hot Shot outside against the chop shop wall before going through the main door and completing the episode.

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