GTA 5 Online Heists guide: Series A Funding

By Staff, Friday, 13 March 2015 12:18 GMT

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Banks, EMPs, whatever. GTA Online Heist’s fourth job is what it’s all about. Let’s steal a ton of drugs.


OK, team. The Fleeca Job, The Prison Break and the epic Humane Labs Raid are all in the bag. You’re a goddamn winner. But Heists isn’t over yet. Remember Trevor? He loves drugs. He needs drugs. You are going to bring him a huge amount of drugs. The drugs are going to be the series A funding Trevor needs to grow his company, Trevor Philips Industries. Obviously.

Before you get going on this heist, you should know that these missions strongly feature driving while under fire. Stock up on heavy armour from Ammunation at the start of each job. You can put on a new vest at any time from a stock of seven: just bring up the Interaction Menu, go to Inventory and then select Body Armor.

OK? Good. Let’s do it.

How to do The Humane Labs Raid set-up 1 – Coke

This is a tricky start to the heist. The objective here is to steal packages of coke from frat boys on a yacht. You’ll be split into two groups, the Boat Team and the Helicopter Team.

The Boat Team, unsurprisingly, goes to the boat while the Helicopter Team goes to the chopper.


The Boat Team goes to stern of yacht, jumps into the water and enters the lower deck. You’re going to be shooting loads of dudes at close quarters, so consider the assault shotgun. Go into the engine room, kill everyone and pick up the packages of coke.


The Chopper Team is best off landing on the pier instead of actually landing on the yacht. It’s a tight landing on the yacht’s helipad, and it’s easy to end up with an exploding helicopter and a failed notice. Land on the pier and snipe across instead. Police choppers will arrive after the shooting starts. Take them out with rockets and combat MGs.

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You’ll have to give the Boat Team some time. The yacht’s interior is confusing, and it isn’t obvious how to get from the lower sections at the back of the yacht to the other packages of coke at the front. The job’s designed for the Helicopter Team to collect the other packages after landing on the yacht. Once the Boat Team’s found the stairs to the front of the vessel, killed everyone and collected the drugs, they should get off the ship, pick up either the boat they arrived on or jet skis, and race back to the beach.


Now all four players need to lose their wanted ratings and get back to the warehouse. And that’s it. Ron’s all smiles and you get paid.


Head through to the next page for details on Trash Truck, Series A Funding’s second set-up section, or head back for the rest of our GTA Online Heists guide.

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