A PSN user got his account hacked and lost $600, and Sony can’t refund him

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 13 March 2015 11:47 GMT

Someone has had their PSN account hacked, their PS4 deactivated and their account used on a new console to fraudulently purchase content worth $600. Sony’s customer support channels don’t look like they’ll be getting him that money back.


Reddit user Kadjar claims that his account was hacked. The hacker then used the user’s credit card to make about $600 in purchases from the PlayStation Store. Another thing the hacker did was to deactivate Kadjar’s PS4 from the account.

Kadjar naturally followed through with Sony’s customer support and a few interesting proceedings took place afterwards. According to Kadjar, Sony promised to investigate the incident but said that even if they were to refund him anything, it would be a maximum of $150, which is the maximum amount a person can have in their PSN wallet at any one time.

Additionally, Kadjar was advised that if he were to speak to his credit card company and request a chargeback, he would have his PSN account banned, losing all his purchases, trophies, etc… Which is something Sony has been known to do, according to a few reports on its forums.

Further complicating the matter is that because the hacker deactivated Kadjar’s PS4 and activated theirs instead, he will have to wait six months before he can reactivate his PSN account on his own PS4. The reason being Sony’s policy, which limits the number of times you can deactivate your account from a console to once every six months.

Kadjar has received lots of messages from other users offering to replace the games he would lose. The latest update he posted points towards another Sony representative looking into the matter.

It’s worth noting that we cannot confirm whether or not a hack did indeed take place, but as Kotaku notes, this is probably a good time to remind everyone that Sony, unlike Steam and Xbox Live, does not offer a two-factor authentication system.

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