GTA 5 Online Heists guide: The Prison Break

By Staff, Tuesday, 10 March 2015 17:44 GMT

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You nailed the Fleeca Job. Now you’re ready for a real heist.


Once you’re done with The Fleeca Job, you’re ready to move onto your first proper heist. You won’t be able to launch it until you get a call from Lester telling you it’s available.

The Prison Break is a four-man heist, so you’ll need two more people if you’ve just come from The Fleeca Job.

Set-up cost is $40,000. You have to rescue Maxim Rashkovsky, an “exceedingly vain” man who’s paying to have himself busted out of jail. Ready? You’d better be.

The Prison Break has four set-up jobs. You can complete them in any order.

How to do The Prison Break set-up 1 – Plane

The Plane set-up job is the first one on the board. One player will be the pilot and the other three will be the ground team.

This section’s straightforward. The three members of the ground team need to stay together, so be sure to ride in the same car. Everyone then needs to drive to Mckenzie airfield. You’re going to get attacked by many cars brimming with bad men, so be ready for action.


Once you’ve arrived, kill everyone and locate the plane. You’re best using either a Special Carbine or the Bullpup for this. The plane’s in a hangar at the top of the runway. Once the pilot has the aircraft, the ground team need to clear any cars from the landing strip in preparation for take-off.


The pilot then flies the plane to the airport on the south side of the map. You won’t get attacked again, so this is just a case of flying to the yellow dot and putting the plane on the ground. Once you’re in position you get paid.


You’ll be sent back into the open game. There’ll be an invite on your phone to continue the heist. Just hit it and you’ll be taken to your apartment.

Head through to the next page for details on Bus, The Prison Break’s second set-up section, or head back for the rest of our GTA Online Heists guide.

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