Destiny: someone soloed Crota’s End, without firing a shot

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 9 March 2015 17:08 GMT

No matter the challenges Crota’s End raid poses to Destiny players, they are sure to overcome them.

destiny the dark below  5

Destiny player Sunshadowr has managed to beat Crota’s End raid, all by himself, without firing a bullet. There is plenty of melee and grenade kills though.

He posted his impressive results to Reddit in separate videos, each showing one of the encounters.

First up, traversing the abyss.

He promised to post the Shrieker encounter later, so now onto the bridge encounter.

Then the Deathsinger, this one will be particularity interesting to anyone who played the raid, and probably the most trouble he’s had.

And finally, Crota’s encounter.

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