Bethesda legal team sends Fortress Fallout developer a letter demanding name change

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 17 February 2015 10:42 GMT

The developer of mobile game Fortress Fallout has received a cease and desist order from Bethesda parent company ZeniMax over the usage of the word “Fallout.”

fortress fallout

Xreal, the studio behind upcoming mobile game Fortress Fallout will no longer be able to use the name or apply for a trademark. The studio received a letter from ZeniMax, the parent company of Fallout developer Bethesda saying that usage of that name would infringe on trademarks owned by ZeniMax, and advising the studio to abandon the trademark it filed for.

Having received some legal advice, the small team later decided to abandon the trademark. Part of the reason is that despite the two games being very different, is the fact Bethesda is able to afford taking the matter to court, and Xreal is not.

YouTuber Jordan Maron explains the situation in more detail below and asks the community to help him come up with a new name. The top new name seems to be “Fortress Outfall.”

This is certainly not the first time Bethesda does this. If you remember, back in 2011, the company sent a similar letter to Mojang’s Notch over his game Scrolls, which Bethesda said would infringe on the Elder Scrolls name. The issue was later settled out of court with Mojang keeping the name, but not the trademark.

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