Destiny: all-punching Titan review completes Crota’s End without guns

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 5 February 2015 01:14 GMT

Destiny has a new set of heroes: the brave Guardians who punched their way through the Crota’s End raid in The Dark Below.


Destiny is all about shooting, but for Titan players thee’s nothing more satisfying than punching foes to death.

Brave Xbox One guardians Rob280, Im Zerkky, Unbridled Hate, purityGOON, AFC xp, VirtualxMayhem and Tackhammer decided to take their “no gun” run theme to its extreme by tackling a raid.

Now, “no guns” doesn’t mean melee-only; the group uses specials and grenades to great tacical advantage. But there’s a great deal of punching.

Titans, I salute you. This is an achievement for the ages.

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