Last week’s top Destiny videos: noob errors, fun with rockets and more

By Brenna Hillier, Sunday, 18 January 2015 22:31 GMT

Destiny produces a lot of great water cooler moments. here are out top videos of the past week.


This week’s top Destiny videos are coming to you a few days late. I forgot to press “publish” on this before I checked out on Friday afternoon; I was kind of in a rush to go get my chores done before Xur arrived. I hope you comforted yourself with the previous week’s edition in the meantime.

Learning experiences

Let’s start things off with a bit of schadenfreude, as a new player encounters Aksor for the first time in this video entitled Christmas Noob, by Kendrick Caranicas.

Bless his little heart; I laughed. Still, we were all noobs once and we all have stuff to learn. On that theme, here’s an explanatory video by Kevin Schoenfelder explaining that yes, you can kill Omnigul outside the strike.

Fun with rockets

If you’ve got a Legendary or Exotic machine gun you might have given up on rockets – especially if, like me, you have a tendency to deploy them in moments of stress and blow yourself up with point-blank shots. If so, you might not have experienced the wonder of seeking rockets. This video by FleyEnder shows a terrific bit of Crucible revenge.

And here’s one by Aaron Wakelin that shows just how determined the seeking really is.

Destiny AI is smarter than you think

Oh, I’m not saying the AI is clever, but it might be self aware. Watch this Knight suffer a sudden realisation in a video by Timothy Niccum.


There’s a rumour going around that the Khvostov autorifle is some sort of terrific secret power weapon and that taking it into Iron Banner will result in slaughter. This is quite true, but the slaughter will be on your end. Myth busted by Mr. Fruit

And finally

In a new series called Destiny Moments, About 11 Productions wants to show off the beauty, serenity and hilarity of Bungie’s shared-worlds shooter. Here’s the first episode.

That’s a wrap. See you Friday for another instalment, unless I forget again.

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