Annual Festival of Capitalism wishlist: what we want as presents this year

By Staff
22 December 2014 15:00 GMT

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2014 draws to a close and for many people around the world that means presents. Here’s what the VG247 crew are asking their nearest, dearest and various religious and mythological figures to provide on or around December.

If you celebrate something at the end of the year resulting in presents, chances are you have a bit of a wishlist going. So do we. Here’s what the five of us – Sherif, Steph, Brenna, Matt and Pat – are going to be looking for when we open our hauls. Some of it is games related, and some of it is not. All of it better show up or someone’s going to have to answer some pointed questions.

No affiliate links, no sponsorship deals, no agenda: just the cordite-like scent of our material greed.

Staff writer, Sherif Saed:

  • A PS4


Our resident Master Race member is thawing a little.

I don’t really need a PlayStation 4, it doesn’t have any games that I want to play – not including anything else that I can play on a PC. But it seems more and more publishers are making it their “lead platform”, sending out PS4 copies of games, et cetera. Ideally, I would want one before Bloodborne comes out, because it’s the only game that would really make me get one. Besides, all the cool kids are sporting one, and I feel a bit left out.

  • Having a drink with all members of the VG247 crew


Bless his little heart, he doesn’t yet know what monsters we are.

I’ve been an avid VG247 reader since the early days of the site (hello OlderGamer, TheEvilAires, Blerk, Hunam, freedoms_stain) and I’ve always wanted to sit down with the whole gang, including past members like Johnny Cullen and Dave Cook. There’s always this connection you feel to the staff of a website you visit regularly, a connection that demands seeing them face-to-face and conversing with them. Now that I work for the site, I think (hope?) that my chances of seeing the gang in person have been greatly increased.

  • A Pink Floyd world tour


Sometimes it is best if our wishes are not granted, tbh.

I genuinely believe there is a better chance of world peace happening than for the remaining members of Pink Floyd to host one last tour. It will never happen. I will never get to see them live. But one can dream!

Global news editor, Stephany Nunneley:

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition

dragon age inquisition concept art 4

The first of multiple appearances.

Since new PC innards are out of the question until next year, I will be satisfied with Dragon Age: Inquisition. I really enjoyed the first outing, and due to frustrations experiences with the second game in the series (which I won’t go into here), I never finished the game. I like the idea of co-op in DAI, as I am starting to become bored playing games all by my lonesome – which is odd considering people in general get on my damn nerves. If I do by chance open up a copy on Christmas morning, I won’t install it until probably February. I should have some smoking hot PC parts installed in my tower by that time. Luckily I already have a nice quad-core processor, so I just new “MOAR RAM!!” and a nice graphics card.

  • Winter boots


Keira Knightley approves.

I need winter boots. I have a pair picked out, so we’ll see if Santa brings me the correct ones. It gets rather snowy where I live. Sometimes overly wet or icy – it just depends on the point in Mother Nature’s monthly cycle. I have plenty of dress boots, and couple of pairs I would be kicked out of church for wearing or which would cause me to be solicited by random men off the street (yes, I own both pairs and yes, I paid too much for them). I love boots, but I don’t have any that keep my feet warm and dry. Time to be a grown up and ask for a pair, I reckon.

  • A session with Wolf Park


Steph gets really aggro about wolves being baddies in games.

Back in autumn 2012, I had a photography session scheduled with Wolf Park up in Indiana. Anyone who knows me well enough is aware of my utter fascination with and love of animals, but wolves are my absolute favorite. Yes, even more so than horses. I booked a trip to the place as a birthday present to myself, but circumstances keep causing me to reschedule my session: lots of vet bills, a blown transmission in the car, my big Yeti dog and Nikki cat passing away, Christmas, etc. I ended up just cancelling and telling the park to keep the funds as a donation. Long story short, I want to go – finally – and this is at least one present I KNOW I am getting, because I’m forking over the cash myself.

Next: Brenna and Matt.

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