GTA 5: 10 of the best random WTF moments

By Matt Martin, Wednesday, 26 November 2014 11:08 GMT

Go exploring in GTA 5 for an hour and you’ll stumble across all sorts of weird shit.

The citizens of Los Santos are equal parts bonkers, violent and laid back. Here are some of the oddest WTF moments from Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA: Online.

Trevor kisses a seagull

It’s the *squark* that cracks me up. Thanks Adrian Radeon Hansen.

The phantom shitter


Who’s this rando taking a dump in my apartment? Thanks (I think) Jakeola1.


At least this guy’s not going to make a claim. Nice driving, TheAdmiester.

Don’t play with matches, kids

Ouch! Thanks Gavin Andrew.

Stunt jump failed?

Honestly, for landing that, Phil Caverly should have passed with a gold star.

Be careful what you wish for

Take out the enemy. No, no, nonononono… Thanks DeskLampChair.

Ground forces

Looks like someone forgot to load the ground art. Weird. Thanks Matt Wiseman.

Hatchet job

Okay, not so much WTF as admiration for a chain of good skills. Props, frehamd2001.

The art of wall-riding

Mad skillz. Big up VaNilla.

The unluckiest respawn

Ouch. What are the chances, eh? Thanks Gagsy92.

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