Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough part 2: The Threat Remains

By Staff
17 November 2014 14:22 GMT

Continue your quest in the second part of our Dragon Age: Inquisition guide.

The Threat Remains


Find Cassandra

After you’ve vanquished the Pride Demon, talk to the boy, grab the loot and have a nose in the journal over on the desk. Exit the area via the door and pop to the left for more loot and a couple of Elfroot plants. Carry on down the path, head up the stairs on the left and take a look at the sign at the top of the stairs on the left.

Pop around to the right to pick up some loot. There’s another sign to the left. Make your way around to the left and to the left side of the last hut before the main building on the left is a chest. Head back to the top of the stairs, picking up the loot on the way. In the corner over to the left is some more loot and a note is inside the hut closeby.

Now go back to the main building and go on inside. Along the left wall, you’ll find a note and some loot. There’s another note near the centre and more loot over on the other side. Head through the door on the left of the hall, go down the stairs, turn right and into the room ahead where you’ll find 2 notes and loot. If you happen to be a Rogue, you can carry on down here to open a locked cell on the left and a few more at the end. If you’re not, make sure to revisit this area once you’ve picked up a Rogue.

Go back upstairs and make your way to the end of the hall. There are doors on either side that you can quickly nip through and into the rooms beyond to find a book in both rooms and an area where you can turn in research. When you’re ready, leave the hall through the main door at the end to trigger a cutscene.

Report to the chantry

You can wander around town to find Threnn, Solas and Varric. On Solas’ left is some loot, and the apothecary is the building to his left. Pop inside to find a chest and a note, then talk to Adan. Ignore the building behind Solas as there’s nothing in here to collect, but head into the other one in his vicinity to find a book on a bed.

Go down the main stairs towards Seggrit’s shop, and make your way over to the left to find a book by the fire, loot, a note and a chest over to the right. Once you’re ready to proceed, follow the marker on the map and enter the building to trigger a cutscene. At the Wasr Table, follow the instructions on-screen to carry out the scouting operation in Ferelden. Head towards Hinterlands to trigger a cutscene.

Eliminate threats at the crossroads

Talk to the requisitioning officer to the right of the campsite and down the hill, then drop down the hill that’s straight on from the camp. After your second drop, open the chest to the left. At the bottom of the hill, head right to pick up some iron, and to the left to find a chest, loot and iron. Carrying on from the foot of the hill, follow the path, picking up more iron on the way, and deal with the Templar ambush for another cutscene.

Talk about the state of the Hinterlands with Corporal Vale

You are now free to engage in side quests and explore the area for loot, or alternatively, you can follow your map marker to carry on with the story and skip the exploration.

There will be some loot just ahead of you, so pick it up, then look over to your left where you’ll see a couple more loot items that strewn on the path to the fast travel point. If you follow the path to the right of the fast travel point, you’ll find more loot. Continue along the path and to the right, grabbing the various loot caches on the way and the Elfroot by the stairs.

Continue along the path and head northwest to find a cave with a couple of chests inside. Exit the cave and head toward the small village ahead, where Templars will attack. Seal the rift to the Northwest of the village and carry on exploring to run into more Templars up to no good, rifts that need sealing and a multitude of other side quests.

Carry on with the main story by following the map marker and talking to Corporal Vale.

Go to Val Royeaux

To continue with the story, you need to have a power level of 4, which can be achieved by securing 2 camps. Whip out your quest map and mark the possible campsites for them to appear as your primary objective.

Secure the sites and leave any rifts you stumble across for now, as they’ll pose too much of a threat at this stage and trying to seal them may prove lethal. once you hit power level 4, fast travel back to the war room in Haven. Highlight the Orlais area and choose Val Royeaux to trigger a cutscene. Confirm the operation for a second cutscene.

Take a look at the sign on the right and the 2 on the left for some easy XP, and follow the path to find 2 more signs, on either side. There are more signs in the middle of the square. When you cross to the other side, you’ll trigger a cutscene.

If you’d like to dabble in some side quests, go back to the centre of the square and read the missive attached to the arrow that will shortly appear. Follow the side quest marker on the map to proceed. When you leave the square, you’ll trigger another cutscene.

Go back to Haven’s chantry

When you’re ready to proceed with the story, go back to the war room in Haven and watch the cutscene.

Best the game with the rest of our Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough.

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