Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 12 Memory 1: The Supreme Being – Plant the Letters

By Staff, Sunday, 16 November 2014 23:12 GMT

Investigate Robespierre’s tent, then speak with and defend Elise to plant the letters.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 12 Memory 1: The Supreme Being – Plant the Letters

There’s a lot of crowd blending in this mission, but it won’t help you when you have to wander into less public areas. There are more guards here than you will ever be able to handle in a brawl, and stealth without climbing is a challenge. Watch out for the red enemies; unlike guards, they’ll attack you on sight, so stay blended when they’re around.

  • Sabotage one alarm bell
  • Don’t let Elise get detected

Go to le Champ de Mars
Just follow Elise – again – and don’t do anything ridiculous to trigger a cutscene and the next objective.

Investigate Robespierre’s Tent
Some French commenters are unhappy about how Robespierre has been portrayed, but in this mission it’s you that makes him look like a bloodthirsty madman, not the facts.

Sneaking into Robespierre’s tent is not easy. It’s in a large restricted area where guards will be very unhappy to see you. I found the easiest approach to the tent was on the far side of the restricted area from the stage in the centre. Start by heading towards your objective, sticking with the crowd, and travel the narrow safe zone path to the edge of the restricted area. Walk its borders through two right angle turns to the right, so that if you stand facing into it you’re looking back towards the stage, with the objective between you and Robespierre. From here you can see the bell you need to sabotage for the optional objective, too.

In this area you should see two guards outside the restricted zone, but they’ll ignore you unless you get too close. There’s also a group of three or four guards who patrol just outside the borders of the restricted area on this side, but they take a long time to make a circuit so just check they’re not nearby.

Meanwhile, inside the restricted area there are two to three guards likely to see you if you approach the bell and the tent. What I did was enter the zone, letting one spot me then cover killing him behind a tent. I then waited for a gap in patrols to stealth kill the other two, then quietly retreated and waited a few minutes. Some guards saw the bodies and became suspicious, but after they calmed down they went back to their original positions, and I was able to take advantage of wide gaps in their patrols to sabotage the bell and enter the tent.

No guards ever spotted me inside the tent, even though every time I interacted with an object it cancelled stealth. The letter I needed was on a table at the end of the tent closest to Robespierre on his stage.

Speak to Elise
To exit this area head back the way you came in; watch carefully to make sure that big group of guards isn’t nearby when you slip out and over the fence. Walk slowly back around the borders of the restricted area, then blend with the crowd and return to Elise.

Knock Out Approaching Guards

Three waves of guards are going to approach Elise, each coming from different directions. They’re on a set timer, not waiting for you to finish dealing with one set before the next, so you need to move quickly. Take the guards out efficiently, without causing alerts and dragging out matters into a brawl, and don’t stop to loot bodies – get to the next wave.

As soon as the objective is available, start heading to the north west. There’s a hay cart here near a fence. If you walk along the fence the first guard should appear before you’ve moved very far; watch for his red marker on the mini-map. He’s alone, so just dash up and stab him before he can go into alert mode.

The next guard approached from the other side of Elise, and can be killed with a blend assassination. The final wave is a pair of guards who approach from the south west, sort of half way between the last two, and I double assassinated them. If you get caught on this last wave, just run away and hide; Elise will be fine.

Speak to Elise
Make your way over to Elise without alerting guards or extremists by using the crowd blend and skirting restricted areas.

Plant the Letters
You don’t need to kill anyone to plant the closest letter, as you can use the crowd to get behind the guards unnoticed, then slip up behind the first target.

Let’s do the north west one next. He’s easiest to reach if you climb the nearby fence and sneak in through the tent window. Kill or knock out the guard at the door, and you can reverse-pickpocket in safety.

The third objective marker is the hardest to achieve. I sued a berserk blade to kill off a bunch of guards, then when things had calmed down, managed to blend close enough that I could duck out, plant the letter, and blend again before the guards were fully alerted. But you could also try money pouches and cherry bombs to lure guards away.

Return to Elise to end the memory. Congratulations: Robespierre’s reputation will never recover. To be fair this festival was already a bit kooky and he might have wanted to chop off all the heads on your list.

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