Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 11 Memory 1: Bottom of the Barrel – Kill the Gang Leader

By Staff, Saturday, 15 November 2014 00:25 GMT

After stealing some wine and defending yourself, find and kill the gang leader at the palace.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 11 Memory 1: Bottom of the Barrel – Kill the Gang Leader

This is the period of time known to historians as the Second Emo Arno Epoch. I bet you didn’t miss that beard. If you didn’t buy the poison gas skill in the last mission I’m afraid you’re out of luck; the character customisation screen is locked during this memory, because Arno doesn’t want to put on his big boy clothes.

  • Four Cherry Bomb lures
  • Two Poison Gas kills

Steal Some Wine
You can get your cherry bomb lure challenge out of the way immediately, if you like – just get in cover, then chuck one at a couple of guards. Wait till they’ve calmed down, then do it again. Easy. If you don’t have any cherry bombs, loot the bodies of every guard you take down and you should hopefully collect a few; use them any time you see a couple of guards in a knot.

Begin your quest for another drink by moving over to the doorway and using Eagle Vision to spot the many guards in this area. If you’re using cherry bombs you can lure them all to the north, but whether you distract them or take them out one by one, you want to head east. Avoid one more guard and climb over the house blocking your path to land in the street. From here it’s a very easy trot down the road to the house with your objective in it; climb in the window on the second floor, and grab the wine when the guards are looking away.

Go to the Brasserie
Now that you know where you were last night, you can begin the quest for Arno’s missing watch. To the pub! The barman is not pleased to see you.

Defend Yourself
You are destined to lose this battle eventually, so don’t go crazy using up your medicine and ammo. Take out a few guards for the look of the thing, then let your health drop to zero to trigger a cutscene.

Tackle the Thug
It’s time to chase down the fleeing guard and tackle him. This isn’t a particularly challenging chase, and you can tackle him at any time.

Find the Gang Leader
Now we’re going after the mysteriously handsome gang leader as he and his men loot the palace, exclaiming in wonder over the gold chamberpots they find. In the first room, move to cover and take out the wandering guard, then go after the stationary one.

The next room includes a brute and two standard guards. If you wait in cover by the door you’ll spot an opening when the brute wanders off; take out the two guards with stealthy assassinations before going back into cover.

There’s a really good opportunity to get your other optional challenge now. What you want to do is hit the brute with a berserk blade when he’s at the far end of his patrol; if you fire from cover nobody should be able to see you. Wait for all the other guards to surround him, then throw a poison bomb in their midst. What larks! If you don’t get two kills when the gas clears, throw another one at them to finish them off – assuming the brute hasn’t taken them all down. If it all goes to hell, just throw them at any group of guards you fancy.

The next few rooms are pretty easy; there’s a lone brute and two standard guards, easily dispatched with stealth kills. You’ll hit a dead end, so go out on the balcony. See the two guards below? You can air assassinate the stationary one while the other’s away and then cover kill the patrolling one, or you can phantom blade one and air assassinate the other. Or whatever you like, really; just try not to make too much noise, as there’s a whole nest of guards ahead.

Between you and the gang leader are quite a number of guards, including snipers and brutes. Getting into an all-out brawl in these narrow rooms can be a right pain, so I suggest using berserk blades, poison bombs and phantom blades from a distance; if you try to stealth kill these guys up close and personal, it can get messy.

In the room after this, you’ll have a much easier time of it; just stealth kill the guards in the obvious order when they’re looking away. Now only the gang leader and his immediate posse are left; your objective will update when you get close enough.

Kill the Gang Leader
There are a lot of guards here, including a number of brutes and other unpleasant surprises, so I really don’t recommend getting into an all-out melee. If you do, consider dropping a smoke bomb, taking out a baddie or two, then retreating to collect yourself and try a stealth approach again. Use all your tools, gadgets and goodies; hopefully you’ve been looting bodies regularly and have plenty of tricks up your deceptively roomy sleeves.

The memory ends with a cutscene when you bring down the big baddie.

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