Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – where to find Nostradamus Enigma collectibles

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 14 November 2014 09:10 GMT

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When you have completed every Nostradamus Enigma, you need to head down to the basement of the Cafe Theatre and solve three more puzzles. Note that you can solve the first and second puzzles when you have four and ten Fragments respectively, but you’ll need all 18 to get the outfit.

The Cella Constellatio

Bring four fragments to the basement of the Cafe Theatre and interact with the central pedestal.

The initial puzzle isn’t too hard – all you need to do is pair symbols, and the walls show you which goes with which.

Once you’ve solved the puzzle you’ll be rewarded by the appearance of an opening in the wall above the puzzle room. Climb on up near the entrance and then across the handholds on the pillar to reach it, then pull the lever to open the first lock on the cage.

The Cella Astri

With ten Fragments in hand, go back to the Cafe Theatre basement and once again interact with the central pedestal. This will open a passage to a new room, where a second puzzle awaits you.

In this one, you’ve got to use a series of three switched to bring planets into the correct position, lined up with their pictures on the floor.

Each switch moves a section of planets the planets in a particular direction, so you cna sue simple logic to solve the puzzle. If you hate simple logic, just uses the switches in this order: left, left, left, middle, right, right, right.

Completing this puzzle opens another door to a lever for removing a layer of the cage, so go do that.

The Cella Vaporis

Now that you have all 18 Fragments, return to the central pedestal and interact with it to open a long passage.

This “puzzle” is a climbing challenge to reach a balcony with a lever. There’s only one correct path, and steam will jet at various intervals, so be careful and master the wall eject to get out of trouble if you make mistakes.

There’s no further puzzles; just pull the lever and get back to the main room, where your sweet, sweet prize awaits you.

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