Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – where to find Nostradamus Enigma collectibles

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 14 November 2014 09:10 GMT

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Mars/Astri #1

Riddle 1
In a peaceful field sewn with stones
A wingéd watcher waits.
Her gentle gaze graces all souls,
Follow to the resting place.

Solution: Visit the graveyard to the north of Notre Dame and look for an angel; follow its gaze to the tomb in front of it, where the symbol awaits.

Riddle 2
Notre Dame Cathedral looks over her daughters,
One snuggled between dame and Sainte-Chapelle.
There, the face of the Son
watches o’er his flock.

Solution: You’re looking for a small church between Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle; you’ll know you have the right one because the French flag is displayed by the door. The symbol is near the Christ carving by the main gate.

Riddle 3
Beyond a Dauphine, the blue ribbons
Diverge, making way for man and beast.
An assassin’s victim struck a shrewd bargain
To acquire a city.
The treasure lies beneath the mount.

Solution: There’s a statue of Henri VI near a fork in the river by the Place Dauphine. It’s on the pedestal.

Jupiter/Vaporis #2

Riddle 1
On the palace where,
Bourbon’s daughter lived.
The assembly meets on,
A bridge facing South.

Solution: Just above a wooden bench above the southern gate of Palais Bourbon.

Riddle 2:
Rich and poor face,
The wheel of time.
Travel South to cross,
The water of River Styx.

Solution: Head south from Palais Bourbon until you find a waterhweel. the symbol is on a tumbled down wall nearby.

Riddle 3
Across the wall,
On the other side.
Souls cross the bridge,
To Southlands beyond.

Solution: From the waterhweel, head southeast to find a bridge. Continue down the rider to the next bridge, where the symbol sits smack in the middle.

Taurus/Astri #5

Riddle 1
Sending signals through air,
Made of wood and rope,
Chappe’s friends took note.

Solution: This one is right by the mission start point; just look for the wooden building by the bridge, and search near the upright beam.

Riddle 2
All men must walk,
Through gates that lead,
To the fields of War.

Solution: Some of these riddles are mad obscure and others are just wince-worthy. The symbol is on the middle pillar of the gates to the Champ de Mars.

Riddle 3
False idols celebrate,
On stage they entertain.
Supreme is the Being,
Who calls himself so.

Solution: This is a reference to Robespierre’s Cult of the Supreme Being, and the symbol is on the stage where it was held.

Riddle 4
Schooled minds guide,
The tides of battles.
Over the shoulders of angels,
They watch the fields of War.

Solution: Visit the École Militaire and look at the two statues at the front. The symbol is just below.

Gemini/Vaporis #4

Riddle 1
At the edge of the capital
In the shadow of the wall
The swamp of sorrows
Burns the outcast’s fire.

Solution: Head to the southeast corner of the map. It’s on the ground in a swampy area, and near a chest. I hope you remember where it was.

Riddle 2
Where the dead rest,
Stone eyes watch.
Vigilant guardians,
In death as in life.

Solution: Look to the east side of the fountain in the Hôpital de la Salpêtrière’s courtyard.

Riddle 3
In the fetid muck
Where the dark stream meets
Her flowing mother
You will find your goal
At the foot of the old tower.

Solution: This is a bit tricky. Go to the border between Saint-Jacques and Saint-Marcel and look for a tower where twobranches of the river meet. The symbol is at its base.

Pisces/Vaporis #1

Riddle 1
On the hill of St. Genevieve,
I have a Roman face.
Clarion angels glide to
A peak on my North side.

Solution: This one’s on the Pantheon. Climb the northern face and look for the triangular stonework above the entrance. There’s a passage of sorts just behind here, and the symbol is inside it.

Riddle 2
Like a halo you seek,
Rings within rings
High atop the edifice,
The city lies below.

Solution: Again on the Pantheon, go to the circle of columns on the roof and search around the southern end.

Riddle 3
Pillars support my face,
Hold the nation’s dreams.
Square, not round, they,
Sit out of sight.

Solution: Still at the Pantheon. This one’s at ground level, on the eastern side, where a passage is bordered by pillars.

Riddle 4
My purpose changed,
I watch; high in the nave.
As secular heroes enter,
To replace those of heaven.

Solution: Inside the Pantheon now, and look for a painting. It’s most easily found by searching near the rope crossing the upper reaches of the room.

Riddle 5
The remains of fame,
Lie amidst stale air.
The most famous of all,
The tomb of Voltaire.

Solution: Are we done yet? Inside the Pantheon, go down stairs and into the western tombs. One tomb in particular is under guard by two fellows; get rid of them and find the symbol inside the tomb.

Cancer/Astri #6

Riddle 1
On a Church that will stand,
For a thousand years or more.
Three spires reach to heaven,
The truth lies on the tallest one.

Solution: Climb to the tallest peak of St. Germain Churchand look for a round platform; the symbol is here.

Riddle 2
In the playground of the wealthy,
Assembled by the Medici clan.
The grand foyer will transport,
To the highest social ranks.

Solution: It’s on the floor with a compass pattern in the foyer of the Palais du Luxembourg.

Riddle 3
The font of knowledge,
Plaything of angels.
In the garden of life,
Man first learned Sin.

Solution: Just south of the palace you’ll find the Luxembourg Gardens, where a symbol awaits you on the ground by a fountain.

Riddle 4
Beneath your feet,
The rich hide their secrets.
The sundial counts days spent,
Amidst the worms and bones.

Solution: You’ll have to get into the catacombs below the Luxembourg Gardens to find this one, near some candles at the far end of the tunnel.

Sagittarius/Constellation #5

Riddle 1
Great minds reach for heaven,
Men of the South gaze North,
Four Nations seek the truth.

Solution: Visit the Collège des Quatre Nations and look on the top of the southern wall.

Riddle 2
Where the sun rises on,
The face of Robert’s School.
Eyes turn upward to the sky,
From a domed peak.

Solution: This one’s between some windows at the very top of the Observatory on the eastern side of the Sorbonne.

Riddle 3
Far from the river,
Those men who observe,
Gaze up at the stars.

Solution: Yes, it’s the Paris Observatory. Get yourself to the south of the city and look for the telescope on the roof of the southwest wing. the symbol rests at its foot.

Now that you have the key, learn what to do with it – it’s more complex than you think.

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