Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – where to find Nostradamus Enigma collectibles

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 14 November 2014 09:10 GMT

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Libra/Vaporis #7

Riddle 1
Palace once divided, united by the fourth Henry.
Stone Couples salute their doomed King
For his final walk along the trees,
King once united, divided by People’s will.

Solution: Climb to the small ledge between the two statues at the entrance to the Tuileries Palace.

Riddle 2
Last Ray from the Sun
He lost a son and parted from another.
Cobblers, soldiers, statesmen and whoresons,
Cheer the window’s close, blotting out the sun.

Solution: This symbol is on the ground to the east of the guillotine at Place de la Concorde. The crowd needs to be shoved out of the way.

Riddle 3
The Magdalen looks towards Death
And watches the precession, unblinking,
And thus unmoved, she keeps her back
Toward the Interment of her King.

Solution: Not a hard on, this. It’s on the wall of a small tomb in the graveyard behind the Church of Madeleine.

Venus/Astri #3

Riddle 1
Built in tribute to the Sun,
A square resplendent in nobility
Three colors brightens four walls
Now bedecked with liberty.

Solution: In Place Vendome, look for the statue holding the French Tricolor Flag. The symbol is on the ground just behind it.

Riddle 2
Those wishing to enter Elysium’s Fields
Must first pay the Farmers their toll
To pass through the Western Gate
Where Triumph will soon stand tall.

Solution: Look for an overturned cart at the western end of the Champs-Élysées. The symbol is by a lamp post a short distance away.

Riddle 3
A most Magnificent tower,
His great grand-daughter fashioned
To surveil her subjects and the heavens
‘Twixt Sun and Earth encaged in iron.

Solution: You remember that building you set on fire? That’s the Medici’s Tower. The symbol is near a ladder leading to an iron cage on a tower.

Terra/Constellation #2

Riddle 1
Hedged in her garden,
A wingéd-warrior stands,
Unmoving and unmoved,
At the cross’s very heart.

Solution: From the mission starting point, look east to spot a statue of an angle holding a spear, The symbol is on it.

Riddle 2
Forever more,
The warrior fights her ceaseless battle.
She takes aim, her steady spear
Poised against the demons.

Solution: Hey so remember that angel with the spear? Just follow the direction the spear points and climb up the wall of the church; the symbol is right by a gargoyle on the roof.

Riddle 3
To be punished or to be amused,
The green heritage of Daedalus
Sees the lofty Bishop looming
Over the resting Rook.

Solution: From the gargoyle, go North and climb the tower shaped like a Chess rook (or castle) to find the symbol on the roof.

Aquarius/Vaporis #5

Riddle 1
The Poor fellow-soldiers of Christ,
Atop their Stone Dungeon,
Marked their allegiance
In Jerusalem’s Direction.

Solution: Climb the Temple’s eastern tower; the symbol is on the wall near the top.

Riddle 2:
At the source of life,
The Full-Moon shaped basin
Quenches the thirst
Of Solomon’s defenders.

Solution: There’s a fountain just outside the Temple, and the symbol is on the ground beside it.

Riddle 3
In the entrails of the Earth,
Between the twin flames,
Lies The Final resting place
Of the first Grand Master.

Solution: Go underground in the Temple grounds to visit the crypts. You need to slide underneath a wooden structure and make it to a sarcophagus with the symbol on it.

Scorpio/Constellation #4

Riddle 1
At the foot of the Saint Twin Brothers,
The Tree of Justice
Plunges its ancient roots,
Scarred by heavenly wrath

Solution: The first symbol is in the building where you pick up the mission, the Church of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais. It’s at the foot of a tree to the west.

Riddle 2
Sanctuary of Bishops by birth,
Stronghold of knowledge for life,
The stoney edifice
Fools the senses by its name.

Solution: Head east to the Hotel de Sens; the symbol is near the top of the structure’s only tower.

Riddle 3
A square with shifting name,
Replaced a field where sovereign
Was felled from horse.
Now arches enclose trees
Where a bronze horseman waits.

Solution: Place des Vosges is north of the last symbol, and is home to an equestrian statue with a symbol located right under its nose.

Mercurius/Constellation #1

Riddle 1
The lady of the domicile
Judges comings and goings
From her couch-like throne
At the top of the stair.

Solution: This one takes place inside the Cafe Theatre – your headquarters. Climb the main stairway and find the symbol on a portrait of a woman.

Riddle 2
Lowly sinners, as each we are,
Aspire to the domed heav’ns.
Fickle fate points beyond,
Where a supine city Beckons.

Solution: Climb to the very top of the Cafe Thjeatre and find the symbol right by the weathervane. That’s the chicken thing that shows you which way the wind is blowing, you Internet child, you.

More Nostradamus Engima solutions await you on the next page.

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