Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 10 Memory 1: A Dinner Engagement – Bribery Assassination

By Staff, Friday, 14 November 2014 00:34 GMT

Use the bribery assassination method to sneak into Le Peletier’s study and kill him.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 10 Memory 1: A Dinner Engagement – Bribery Assassination

You can get both optional challenges out of the way pretty quickly as long as you have a stock of berserker blades and the double air assassination skill. Do this whenever you like; I got them out of the way before beginning my infiltration.

  • Drive two Brutes berserk
  • Perform two double assassinations

Assassination Opportunity
Before you head for the infiltration opportunity, climb up onto the rooftops and look for groups of guards, each with at least one brute among them. Stay out of sight and ping each one with a berserk blade; one red hot tip is that unless the tiny aiming reticule is red, you aren’t close enough. One optional challenge complete; leave the guards to the carnage and saunter away.

Now for the double air assassinations; head to the main entrance to the restricted area and take down the two guards there when you’re certain the coast is clear. Make sure both guards are highlighted in red – with Eagle Vision off! – before you commit. For your second set of air assassinations, look for the group of guards to the east. There’s nowhere obvious to perch above them, but it turns out you can perform air assassinations while hanging from a ledge. This was a pleasant surprise to me. If other guards spot you when you drop down, smoke bomb and dispatch, then get out of sight and become anonymous again so the guards aren’t on alert for the actual infiltration.

First things first, though – head for an optional objective near the front of the yard. Here you’ll hear some NPCs discussing the fact that the wine is tainted. Make sure no guards are watching, sneak up behind the load of wine, and hold down the interact button to steal a case.

Infiltration Opportunity – Bribe the Washer
If you have ₣4,000, you can take advantage of a really easy route into the building. A woman is standing in one corner of the yard – use blend to get close enough to speak to her, or kill off nearby guards stealthily. You can bribe her to open a window for you, then climb up to it in comfort and safety. I’ll assume you did this, or otherwise found your way in and made it to the same corner of the building.

Find Le Peletier
This is a much simpler infiltration than the nightmare of Marie in the last sequence. Stay stealthy and out of sight, and use Eagle Vision; there’s a very nasty guard in the hallway just beyond the room you start in. Take him down with your hidden blade when there’s a gap in patrols rather than risk a brawl, then pass through the doorway he was guarding.

Take cover so the next two guards don’t spot you. Wait for one to stroll away, then stealth kill the closer one before very quickly doing the same to the other.

Head west and pick the lock on the nearby door, then head through when Eagle Vision shows you it’s safe. There’s a brute and a regular guard around here; it’s easiest to take the guard down while the brute’s away, then take the brute down with a cover kill.

Le Peletier is in the next room. Use Eagle Vision to spot him and, if necessary, creep into the room a little way, so that your objective updates. There’s a patrolling guard in here, whom I dispatched with a cover kill and got away with it.

Assassinate Peletier
It’s very easy to kill Le Peletier with the unique assassination. First, stealth your way across the room, behind Le Peletier and his daughter, to the far side, taking out the nearby guard facing away from you as you approach. Then stealth into the doorway directly opposite your entrance to this room and hide out in the little room here; if the bodyguards spotted you, they’ll calm down once you’re hidden and won’t follow, but if you left the patrolling guard alive, you may need to cover kill him as he comes after you.

You should hear Le Peletier calling for wine. Once this dialogue completes and any alerts have died down, carefully sneak out and interact with the nearby end table to plant a bottle of poisoned wine. Find a safe corner, anywhere you like, and wait.

A waiter will deliver the wine almost immediately. Shortly thereafter Le Peletier will excuse himself claiming stomach trouble, go into that little room where you hid before, and almost instantly collapse on the floor. I don’t know if he’ll spot you and call the guards if you wait in there for him, so if you decide to do so, assassinate him quickly if he alerts. I crept in after he’d fallen down and stabbed him in privacy and safety.

If you missed the whole wine thing, just hang out in the corridor you used to enter this room, and Le Peletier will eventually head towards you. Take him out with a cover kill. Quick and clean, if not as satisfying.

Escape the Area
Regardless of which method you used, there’s almost no chance of Le Peletier’s death alerting anyone. Quietly make your way outside, and complete any of the optional challenges you haven’t yet managed. Then just hoof it out of the area when you’re ready. Very profesh, Assassin.

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