Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 8 Memory 2: September Massacres – Rouille

By Staff, Thursday, 13 November 2014 06:32 GMT

Get three cover kills and three ledge assassinations before you assassinate Rouille.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 8 Memory 2: September Massacres – Rouille

This is another mission with challenges that aren’t necessarily hard to get, but require you to work at them. Again, opportunities will be pointed out during the mission, but if you see a chance, take it.

  • Three cover kills
  • Three ledge assassinations

Assistance Opportunity – Kill the Thugs
The first thing we want to do is score some help from some sympathetic NPCs, and it’s very easy to do as the infiltration is linear. From the beam where you begin the mission, drop down and make your way to a small tunnel to the left of the bridge beneath you. Follow it until you emerge in a wooden structure at the bottom of some stairs.

Use Eagle Vision as you climb the three flights so you’re not caught unawares by the two pairs of guards ahead of you and the lone one harassing an NPC by the window. Stealthily take them all out; double assassinations are your friend here.

The window the NPC was standing by is your next path, but don’t just leap through; look for a sniper up on the nearby wall with your Eagle Vision. If he’s not looking, use phantom blades to take down two of the thugs below you, then air assassinate the other. If you’re nervous about the sniper, use the beams to the right of the window (left as you’re hanging from it) to climb over to his walkway and kill him first – he was too far away for my ranged weapons.

Distraction Opportunity – Light the Fire
Our next opportunity is right by the final assassination target, so put it out of your mind for now as you make your way to the goal. Climb into the other window in the courtyard; there are two guards here ripe for quick and silent kills.

Moving forwards, you’ll see two guards – one is busy jeering through a door, and the other is intermittently napping. There’s a door on the left you can lockpick to sneak past, but don’t waste the opportunity – go into cover near the snoozing guard while he’s out of it, then cover kill him. The other guard may as well go down too; he’s one of those quick little buggers and you won’t want him fighting you if you trigger an alert.

The next room with any action in it has one guard patrolling a dining room table. Find some cover near his route and score your second cover kill. The other can be dispatched any old how. In the next room you’ll encounter a battle; make sure you only attack the red Extremist guards, as the blue ones are friendly.

Be stealthy moving into the next area and take cover immediately to watch the patrols. Leave the two guards by the window for now, and instead can take down the brute here with a cover kill for a total of three – well done you! – if you hadn’t done so already. Now dispatch the other wandering guard, and finally double assassinate the window guys.

Now, before you move on through the obvious exit – see the gate you can lockpick? Do it; it makes the second optional challenge much easier. Go through the unlocked door, out the window, and up the wall – but don’t mantle at the top! Instead, use Eagle Vision to spot the three guards. Ledge assassinate them all when they’re isolated and bob’s your uncle. Look for another sniper on the other side of this arena to take down for your final ledge kill; be very stealth and careful crossing this area, as you don’t want to aggro the boss.

You are now in the final area of the mission, so you should be able to see Rouille, your target. Don’t go for him yet; see the tower at one end, crawling with snipers? Stealthily make your way over there (shimmy around the outer wall the whole way, if necessary) taking out any guards as necessary, and climb up to reach the objective marker and light a fire. Goodbye, snipers.

Assassinate Rouille
If you keep methodically taking out Rouille’s guards you should get to the point where it’s just him and the brutes on his platform. I was able to take down one with a phantom blade headshot, and I sent another berserk when I couldn’t get a clean headshot. After that I got bored of waiting and lobbed a smoke bomb at them, then just waltzed in and stabbed Rouille. You could probably just run in and do it, really.

Escape the Area
It’s very easy to escape this area; climb the nearest wall, hit drop, then use free-run-down to get to the bottom quickly and safely. Off you pop, then.

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