Assassin’s Creed Unity guide – Sequence 6 Memory 1: The Jacobin Club – Tail La Touche

By Staff, Wednesday, 12 November 2014 00:35 GMT

Strapline: Find and tail La Touche through the building, then make your escape and leave the area.


Assassin’s Creed Unity guide – Sequence 6 Memory 1: The Jacobin Club – Tail La Touche

You’ll need a couple of berserk blades to get the challenge here, but Unity is kind enough to let you leave mission areas and return, so visit a nearby merchant to grab more if you mess up. Given your ability to resupply, it’s actually the kills from hiding places part which is tougher.

  • Two Snipers driven berserk
  • Two kills from hiding spots

Find La Touche
As soon as the mission starts you have a prime opportunity to put your berserk blades to work. Ghost over to the opposite rooftop and carefully get close enough to ping the sniper on the right; you don’t need to headshot him like you would a phantom blade. Once he’s stung, don’t wait around for the results; get out of sight by heading over the arch off the roof, spotting two snipers a little further on, on the left hand side of this same wing of the building. Ping one, then settle back and wait for both to die or be killed; clean up any guards left up here once they’re down.

There are several ways to approach the rest of the mission which work equally well, once you know your way around the interior, so don’t be afraid to improvise if you find our method tricky. Start by heading to the northeast side of the building where there’s an open window; you need to get into cover as soon as you go through, so be mindful of that.

Don’t charge into the enemies here. Instead, go through the nearest door, and then another, so you’re on a balcony; from here you’re perfectly primed to tail La Touche, so switch on Eagle Vision to spot him.

Tail La Touche

Tailing La Touche is easy; he’s slow and your Eagle Vision means you never have to lose sight of him. Start by hopping from one chandelier to the next till you reach the opposite balcony, then spot the two guards in the next room. Wait for them to look away, then hop into the hiding spot. Kill one of the guards as they patrol by, but be careful not to get into a brawl with the second one, as his body will alert La Touche.

With that kill out of the way, head south until you see a guard moving between two doors in a stairwell. Wait for him to wander away then duck into the hiding place. You want to nab this guy, but first make sure La Touche isn’t going to spot you; if he’s likely to, just wait till he’s wandered past.

The rest of the mission is a doddle; turn left after leaving the hiding spot, passing through the door and climbing the wall. Watch through the window or with Eagle Vision, but don’t go in and don’t get spotted. Once they’ve all finished having a chat, stay where you are and use Eagle Vision to track La Touche until you get an objective update.

Find a Place to Spy on the Meeting
Go down to the basement, then stand under the gap in the floorboards above. A cutscene will trigger.

Escape the Area
If you’ve got any lockpicking skills this next part is easy as pie. Use Eagle Vision to spot three guards just outside, then open the locked door and quickly sneak out past them, getting out of sight before they’re fully suspicious – or alternately take them all down with phantom blades and cover kills. Otherwise, you’re either going to have to alert them and start a brawl, or use a berserk blade – assuming you have any left – to thin their ranks a little first.

All you need to do is escape the building, so take any door or window and leg it. There are guards everywhere but if you’re in stealth mode and keep moving you can get out to the streets without open conflict – not that it matters, since the mission is over, so as long as you aren’t killed you may upset as many of them as you like. Just escape the zone to end the mission.

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