Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 5 Memory 2: La Halle Aux Bles – Escape the Area

By Staff, Tuesday, 11 November 2014 23:47 GMT

Investigate la Halle aux Bles, then escape the area by sliding under objects.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 5 Memory 2: La Halle Aux Bles – Escape the Area

This mission works best with a stealthy approach, so get your pistol kills early. That way you won’t end up in an absolute shambles of alerted guards. The slides are all available in the final escape, and we’ll alert you to opportunities.

  • Three pistol kills
  • Slide over or under four objects

Investigate la Halle aux Bles
To begin with, take a good look around your starting position. There are three guards within range of your pistols, so stay up high and pop them one by one. Congratulations; you can now stealth the rest of the mission.

To enter the building, use a tree by your starting position as a stepping stone to the open window. From here, drop down to the ground and sneak carefully past the guards at the front door, moving north. There are two more guards ahead of you but they’re far from alert so just scoot on past and go into cover behind the nearby hiding place.

From here you can drop into Eagle Vision and and watch the patrol routes of the two guards on the left. Stealth kill them when they face away from you, then head over to the barrels to climb up to a platform with a single Extremist on it. I hope you don’t need to be told what to do. Once he’s down, take the nearby rope to reach the next room, and don’t worry about any alarms that start behind you; you’re well out of their reach by now, and can just sit quietly until they get over it. Head to the barrels and investigate to trigger a cutscene.

Escape the Area
In this section you can take care of the second optional challenge. Slide over the barrels in the middle of the room and under a small gap in a wall. Jump through the window and proceed along the beam, then proceed just a little further to slide under another obstacle. There’ll be an explosion and you’ll have to jump down from a beam but after that you can slide over a set of barrels to get your fourth slide out of the way.

The only thing between you and the end of the mission is a short free run section. Just follow the linear path, jumping and climbing when appropriate, until you trigger a cutscene. The only tricky bit is when you get up on the beams near the top of the dome; you want to climb the vertical wooden partition set close to the wall.

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