Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Server Bridge: Paris 1898 – Lady Liberty

By Staff, Monday, 10 November 2014 22:19 GMT

Find the underground exit and make your way to the Lady Liberty to escape.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Server Bridge: Paris 1898 – Lady Liberty

What’s going on here? Well, Ubisoft spoiled this weeks ahead of launch so you already know. There are no optional challenges in this atypical sequence.

Find an Underground Exit
You start this mysterious sequence in an alley. Exit it and head to the right, towards the intersection. There’s a large sign across the street leading to the left; follow its lead and look for a stairwell leading to the Metro.

Enter the Underground Metro Station
Yeah, so, run down the stairs. Boom.

Reach the Metro Network Exit
As soon as you enter the station proper, look across the tracks for a ladder. Climb this and follow the corridors – there’s really only one way to go – until you have to climb some stairs and swing across a series of pipes.

After the set piece with the train, cross the tracks and head right, through an open doorway to a small room. In here, look up and left to see a path over the fence. Once over, you need to turn right to proceed.

The next obstacle you should encounter is a rope hanging above the tracks. You can use this to reach a new path on the left. Be alert as you continue: you’ll encounter another train, and this time you have to run from it; use parkour and sliding to get through the obstacles littering your path.

Escape Through the Portal
Once you’re safely though that little heart-pounder, the exit portal is in sight. Before you head towards it, study the terrain ahead; you want to use cover to stay out of the way of fling debris as you pick your way towards the statue. It’s not that hard as long as you stay in cover until the wind dies down.

You’ll need to climb the statue, but it’s not a difficult ascent. Once at the top, jump into the portal to end this strange little hiccup.

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