Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 1 Memory 2: The Estates General – Find De La Serre

By Staff, Monday, 10 November 2014 22:13 GMT

Find De La Serre in the lower gallery, then defend yourself and escape the brothers.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity guide – Sequence 1 Memory 2: The Estates General – Find De La Serre

Both optional challenges in this mission can be easily completed if you’ve got the hang of Assassin’s Creed’s timing-based combat. As soon as you get into a fight focus on dodging, the switch to parrying. Once you get the challenge complete notifications, just wail away on your foes as normal and go on to complete the mission.

  • Parry two attacks
  • Dodge two attacks

Follow the Carriage
Your first goal here is the follow the carriage – shock! – but your task is complicated by a closed gate. Get around this obstacle by climbing up – there’s a lift nearby that will speed things up considerably – and hoofing it across the rooftops. This isn’t too difficult a run, as there’s one obvious, optimised path; stick to it, taking the wooden ramps, rather than trying to stay right on top of the carriage, and you’ll be fine. Don’t panic if you make a misstep; there’s enough breathing room to get back on track if you swing towards the carriage immediately. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when a short cutscene plays.

Go to the Church Spire
This is your first bit of serious climbing, but it’s not really that hard. If you can’t see a way up the church, clamber up onto a nearby building and take a bit of a shortcut across a tight rope to the upper levels. The spire itself doesn’t pose much of a challenge.

Find the Lower Gallery
From the top of the spire you were able to spot your target, but now you have to get there. You’re aiming for the building at the back of the area, directly in line with the gate. You can hop across the rooftops and through the balcony doors and down a series of corridors, stairs and doorways, or you can blend with the crowds and sail boldly through the front door. The latter option is more difficult, as the guards are keen, but infinitely more badass. Use Eagle Vision to make it easier.

Find De La Serre
The trickiest part of this objective is not getting befuddled by the interior design. You need to climb the curved stairs, pass behind the crowd on the balcony, go down the stairs on the opposite side and pass through a carpeted room to reach a second balcony. Switch on Eagle Vision at the far end, and peer down at the speaker, to find your target.

Go Backstage
Sadly, finding De La Serre is only the beginning of your problems, whereby problems I mean “cutscenes”. Walk to the nearby objective marker to trigger one.

Defend Yourself
Here’s the fight: get those dodges and parries in to complete the optional challenges, then do some smacking of heads.

Escape the Area
Once the brothers get tried of being whacked around the head, you’ll have to make a run for it. Sprint towards the shaded area on the mini-map and, once you’ve broken line of sight with your pursuers, head up to the rooftops to escape detection and complete the mission.

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