Destiny’s Iron Banner is no longer live, Bungie explains why [UPDATE]

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 4 November 2014 09:41 GMT

Destiny’s Iron Banner PvP event has been pulled after going live for a few hours, but there’s a good reason for it.



Bungie said it pulled the Iron Banner event because it was the old version of the event and was launched in error.


The event has been pulled by Bungie after being live for a few hours. Lord Saladin is gone, bounties are gone and the area at the back of The Tower has been closed off again.

Bungie has yet to communicate anything through official channels, but we’ll keep you posted.

Original Story: The event has just started and we’ve got details on bounties, gear, shaders and sigils below.

Iron Banner is a PvP event where insane stats on players’ exotic and legendary gear and weapons carry over to multiplayer.

Here are the available bounties:

  • Anvil of Light – Kill 50 guardians with IB emblem, shader and class item equipped
  • Iron Embrace – 20 melee kills
  • Rise Above – Finish with the highest score
  • Exacting Measures – 15 headshot sprees
  • Chaos and the Calm – 30 machine gun headshot kills
  • Heavy Metal – 15 machine gun sprees

And here’s the sigil and shaders on offer.

  • Million Million shader
  • Gold Spiral shader
  • Sigil of the Iron Lords
  • Sigil of the Radegast

And most importantly here’s the gear you can spend crucible marks on.





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