Lords of the Fallen guide: Worshiper boss battle

By Staff, Tuesday, 28 October 2014 07:55 GMT

Enter the graveyard to defeat the Worshiper and his golems.


Lords of the Fallen guide: Worshiper boss battle

In this instance, the bonus requirement stipulates that you position the mini Golems so that the Worshiper takes out at least 2 of them. Light armour and a shield that negates physical damage will be your bosom buddies.

You’ll also notice 5 archways in the graveyard. Take cover in these during the Worshiper’s magic attacks to avoid damage, particularly when he gets on one knee. When he starts waving his arm around, he’ll unleash a magic explosion that will spread across the entire arena and will kill you instantly if you’re not in an archway.

Another use for the archways is to get him to inadvertently attack them, after which they’ll collapse and give him a good thwack on the bonce, stunning him for some time. If you’re poised to take advantage of this at the right time, you can really hammer out a significant amount of damage.

As with the Commander, stay close to the Worshiper, getting clear of him when he raises his weapon, preceding the stun attack. If he catches you with it, you’ll be unable to move and he’ll follow up with an attack. If you choose to take him on from afar, he’ll bust out a barrage of magic grenades that will cause significant damage but can be easily avoided, and magic spikes that will erupt from the floor that you’ll have to run around to avoid (the telltale blue patches let you know where they’ll sprout up from), or hide from in an archway.

During the last phase of the battle, he’ll summon mini Golems that hatch from eggs. The eggs appear in twos, but you should have time to destroy at least one before the Golems pop out. On a positive note, Golems can be damaged by the Worshipers attacks and huddling in an archway won’t save them from his fatal magic explosion.

Your spoils from this battle include a Big Sealed Rune and a Clawfinger. Search the arena to find 2 audio notes and 4 Human Skulls, then head back to Kaslo. Retrace your steps back up the stairs in this area and the portal you passed by earlier will be open. Pop through to reach the Proving Grounds and head to the centre of the arena to kick things off.

There are 3 waves of enemies in total. The first wave will have you face a Marauder and a Rogue, followed by 1 ranged and 1 melee Rogue and an Infested in the second wave. The final wave consists of an Infested and a Temple Guardian. Clear the 3 waves to access a chest that holds a Spell Point Shard, Attribute Point Shard and Back Breaker armour. Leave the area via the portal.

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