Lords of the Fallen guide: Vanquish the Rhogur Lord Anihilator

By Matt Martin, Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:03 GMT

There’s plenty of Human Tattoos to collect here.


Head upstairs and kill the Golems and the Tyrant, whose heart is stowed away in a vase by the wall. There’s an inactive portal and Void Shield near the stairs.

Make your way towards the checkpoint, heading for the right side of the chasm. Stick to the wall on the left, hop across the platforms, and proceed around the corner where you’ll be faced with a Fire Golem. Avoid his attacks, as they can send you plummeting into the void below, and keep an eye out for any sneaky ranged attacks from Spellcasters in the area. When he’s down, take the Claw Fist from the chest, and take the stairs to the left of the checkpoint.

You’ll run into a Dimensional Beast that will use fire-based attacks, so avoid getting singed, take him out, grab the audio note from over to the right then head through the door to the left where you’ll find a Spellcaster. Once you’ve taken dealt with him, take the Fallen wrist armour and Reminder Axe from the chest and take out the Fire Golem further along the path.

Return to the area where you killed the fiery Dimensional Beast and lift the barrier here with your Gauntlet, ready to take out the Apparition. Follow the corridor to the end to the chest containing Fallen head and leg armour and a Glow dagger. Turn around, go back along the corridor, and through the door you just passed. Kill the Fire Golem and use your Gauntlet to lift the barrier on the door that leads back to where you faced the Infiltrator.

In this area is a Tyrant (his heart is to the left at the top of the stairs next to a Rogue). Once the path is clear, head through the door that the Rogue was next to, dispatch the Temple Guardians and grab the Human Tattoo from the recess on the left. Proceed along the path to the right and you’ll find a dead body next to a Human Tattoo and a Rogue.

Continue on down the stairs, collecting the Human Tattoo and Protector Dagger along the way, and go straight ahead for the boss fight.

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