Lords of the Fallen guide: Lost Brothers boss battle

By Staff, Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:15 GMT

We’re close to the ending of Lords of the Fallen – let’s kill the Lost Brothers


Over on the other side of the arena is a portal, so head through and continue down what appears to be memory lane toward the arena ahead of you. Just attack the ghosts lining the way to prompt the next one to appear. Various items will materialise in the arena in order, so collect (in order) the Effect head, chest, leg, then wrist armour, followed by the Rune of Adyr.

Listen to the God of Adyr, then talk to ghost Kaslo, after which you’ll be teleported out of the area. There’s a chest behind you containing a Poison Resistance Shard and a Spell Point Shard, so grab these and make your way through the gate ahead to pop out at the bottom of the Citadel. You’ll soon be thrown into another boss fight, so make the necessary preparations, the go left to trigger a cutscene and the boss battle.

Lost Brothers boss battle

There isn’t really a bonus requirement in this battle, but note that the order they go down in will affect your spoils. Both brothers drop a Defender Buckler Shield and Big Sealed Rune. If you kill the Lightning Brother last, the shield will have 100% defence and no fire defence. If you kill the Fire Brother last, the shield will have 100% fire defence and no lightning defence. Considering the relative ease with which you can make your own shield with 100% fire defence, it’s advisable to aim for the lightning shield.

Adyr will have given you an armour set with pretty decent defence stats against both fire and lightning, and you can use runes to knock together a shield with fire defence.

Despite the fact that you’re against 2 bosses, they’ll take turns to attack you. The brother that isn’t attacking you will hang out near the ceiling and switch in when it’s his turn, dropping down and attacking simultaneously, so note where they’re dangling from, and make sure you’re not in the vicinity for the switch out to avoid getting caught in the blast radius.

The Lightning Brother will use a 2-hit combo at close range. The first strike will stun you leaving you open to the second strike that takes off a pretty big chunk of your HP, and blocking the attacks will really eat into your energy. With this in mind, you ideally want to prompt him into initiating the combo attack while staying out of range, and after the first swing, get around to his left side to avoid the second. Immediately after the combo, he’ll be vulnerable, so use the time to mete out as much damage as possible. He’ll also sprinkle in some lightning-ased ground pounds at close quarters that aren’t so easy to dodge.

If you fight him from a distance, all you really have to concern yourself with is avoiding the ranged lightning attack so if you’re Gauntlet can deal out a significant amount of damage, stay back and fight from afar.

The Fire Brother has 2 fire breath attacks that are restricted to the area in front of him and leave him vulnerable immediately afterwards. One is essentially just breathing fire at you, and you can either dodge if you aren’t weighed down with heavy armour, or use the modified shield that you’ve hopefully managed to imbue with 100% fire resistance. The other will ignite the floor in front of him. Be sure to avoid the flames as they’ll set your armour alight causing persistent damage. Try to roll around behind him when he uses this attack. At close quarters, he’ll also use a single, speedy melee attack.

During a ranged encounter, he’ll charge and follow up with a fire attack that has a pretty far-reaching radius in all directions, but as long as you aren’t over encumbered with heavy armour, you should be able to make yourself scarce in time. If you’ve opted for heavy armour, you’ll be reliant on its stats and a modded shield.

After one brother is vanquished, the surviving sibling inherits his attacks, so take this into account when devising your tactics.

Once you’ve beaten them both, grab your rune and shield then head to the crafting forge to initiate a conversation with the Crafter about Adyr’s rune. The decision regarding what to do with it will affect your ending. If you want to save here, pop down the stairs in the corner that lead to the catacombs to find a checkpoint at the bottom.

From the arena, go up the stairs to the left in the centre of the wall, kill the guards in the room up here and collect the audio note over to the left. Continue up the stairs, defeat the Archer, head down the corridor and right into the next room. A guard with a greatsword will ambush you, so take care not to get hit. Dispose of him and carry on into the next room where you’ll find another Archer.

Make your way to the right, taking out guard with a greatsword to the left and the Archer at the end. In the next room is a soldier over to the left. From here, you can go through the open door ahead to reach the area where you fought the First Warden, but you’ll be ambushed by a couple of soldiers, so watch out.

Save at the checkpoint, return to main hall and head up the stairs to the left where you’ll find a Captain. Kill him to receive an audio note, The Great Burden trinket, and Southern Trench Key. Proceed into the next room and up the stairs where you’ll be set upon by 2 enemies, one of which is wielding a greataxe and will drop a Planetarium Chest Key.

Defeat them and move to the next room where you’ll find an audio note. Head up the spiral stairs to the lift at the top, but beware the 2 guards lurking behind the first door on the right. There’s a checkpoint to the right of the lift, so save your progress before hopping aboard the lift that will take you to the final fight.

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