Lords of the Fallen guide: find the Giant Key

By Staff, Tuesday, 28 October 2014 07:48 GMT

Fight the first of the Infested and find the Giant Key as you begin Lords of the Fallen.


Lords of the Fallen guide: find the Giant Key

Once you’ve been introduced to the Rhogar Marauder, pop upstairs and you’ll find Kaslo and an audio note to his right. He’ll let you know how to open the door to progress which, unsurprisingly, involves locating the key. Head back downstairs and through the door to the right where you’ll encounter an Infested.

Carry on down the corridor to the right where you’ll bump into another one, then go left and make your way around the balcony on this floor to find yet another Infested at the end of the hall, with an audio note behind it.

Go through into the room on the left for a bout of déjà vu, as an Infested and another audio note await you in here. Once it’s been dealt with, take the stairs to the right to the floor below. There are 2 Infested down here and playing dead on the floor are some demons that will spring up as you approach. Dispatch the enemies and follow the corridor to the end to find the Giant Key then go back upstairs.

There’s a room at the top of the stairs, and a currently inaccessible portal and enemy to the right. The portal will activate after you defeat the First Warden. When you can finally enter it, note that enemies (with the exception of bosses) will have respawned when you come back out.

On the other side of the portal you’ll find 3 chests holding a Ghost Merge Shard, Energy Shard, Magic Energy Shard, an Empty Bottle for potions, a Small Sealed Rune, Bulwark Shield, and a Faithful Disciple armour trinket. Don’t poke around too much in this area, as entering the darkness will drain your HP.

Ascend the stairs to the right of the portal, take care of the Rhogar Marauder and head right to find an Energy Shard next to a dead body on the balcony. Plop down to the floor below and wander over to the corner on the right. From this point, it’s possible to make the jump over to the right to a hidden corridor beyond the billowing tapestry.

Don’t worry about flinging yourself over there just yet, but once you pick up the Northern Monastery Wing Door, make the jump and head up the first flight of stairs, where you’ll happen across a Ghost Merge Shard. Carry on up the next flight of stairs, jump over to the door and use the key to open it. Inside you’ll find the Shard of Heroes. You can either retrace your steps to leave the area, or drop down like a sack of spuds, incurring a bit of damage as a penalty for being so god damn lazy.

Go and have a chat with Kaslo, asking for back-up, then open the door with your newly acquired key. Welcome to your first boss battle…

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