Lords of the Fallen guide: Champion boss battle

By Staff, Tuesday, 28 October 2014 08:21 GMT

The Champion is a formidable foe. Follow this advice to take him down.


To fulfil the bonus requirement in this bout, you mustn’t let the Champion enter Rage Mode, with the exception of the periods between phases. You’ll need to keep an eye on his Rage Meter (below his HP gauge). When it’s full, he’ll enter Rage Mode during which his sword will be engulfed in flames, his attacks will cause additional damage, and the icing on the cake is that he’ll be meting out physical and magic damage with his attacks.

Things that fill the Rage meter: attacking the Champion with fire-based attacks, and allowing him to land a blow on you. With that in mind, don’t use fire-based attacks, and stay out of range until he’s vulnerable (after an attack), then hop in and do some damage. The marks along the Rage Meter indicate the periods between phases and it’s during this time that he’ll enter Rage Mode regardless, and there’s bugger all you can do about it.

At close quarters, the Champion will rely on a 2-hit combo attack, sticking in a powerful swing for good measure every now and then. He will also hop back before rushing you, so don’t get too close as it can be difficult to avoid, particularly with heavier armour.

At range, he will pound his fist onto the floor to create a shockwave that will explode just after it reaches you, causing damage. You’ll want to dodge after the shockwave reaches you to avoid the explosion that follows.

In the last phase of the fight, the Champion will throw a flurry of 2 blades rather than attacking with the shockwave. You can avoid these by dodging as soon as he retracts his arm to throw. At close quarters, he’ll up his 2-hit combo to a 3-hitter, but the third blow will be a lot slower, so take this into account when timing your counter-attack.

The spoils of battle will yield a Big Sealed Rune and a Sting Fist.

Head over to the side of the arena and initiate a conversation with the Soldier Agile, the go on through the door behind him. Pick up the Human Skull along here and head up the stairs on the left taking care of the Rogue on the way. Carry on to the next staircase and follow the corridor to the end, killing the Infested at the end. Take the audio note and pull the lever. This will open a shortcut back to the cell block. Go back down the stairs and through the door to the left at the bottom.

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