Lords of the Fallen guide: Chamber of Lies

By Staff, Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:02 GMT

Gather the parts of the Demon Assassin armour as you prepare for another boss fight.

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Follow the path and you’ll come across a chest that contains Demon Assassin chest armour. Proceed forwards and you’ll run into an Apparition that is vulnerable to magic-based attacks only and explodes upon its demise.

Pop into the room on the right, kill the Forger and open the chest to obtain a Justice Sword. Go back and through the door on the left and continue into the main room to trigger a cutscene. Once it wraps up, go through the next doorway, head left, deal with with the Apparition and go up the stairs.

At the top of the first staircase, turn right and into the room behind the steps to fight another Apparition that will leave behind The Blacksmith’s Chest Key. There’s also a checkpoint in here. To the right side of the second set of stairs is a Temple Guardian guarding a room that contains a Demon Assassin wrist piece in a chest and an audio note. You can also open the gate here for another shortcut.

Continue up the stairs and you’ll encounter a Poison Beast whose attacks will cause poison damage and is coated in poison itself. There will be a poison explosion when it dies, so be sure to roll away when you finish it off. Open the chest up here with a rune to obtain Demon Assassin head and leg armour, then pull the lever before returning to the bottom and making your way to the large gate, now that you’ve opened the way. Whip out your Gauntlet to lift the barrier and go on through.

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