Lords of the Fallen guide: Beast boss battle

By Staff, Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:01 GMT

Take down the Beast to earn the Stain Hammer and the Human Tattoo.


The stipulation for the bonus requirement is that you don’t tread in poison puddles or get hit by poison. When it comes to tactics, you’ll want to fight the Beast from afar utilising the Gauntlet ranged attack, which will be bolstered by the Faithful Disciple trinket, a Higher Fire Rune or a high Faith stat. Lighter armour allows for increased speed, so consider equipping a light set from your inventory.

The Beast has a fatigue gauge under his HP bar that fills when he takes a hit. When it’s full, he’ll have a funny 5 minutes of being comatose, leaving him open for a close quarters whooping.

When fighting him, don’t stray too far afield as you want him to use his 2-hit combo, leaving him open for a ranged Gauntlet attack immediately afterwards. He’ll mix things up by swapping out the combo for a single, vertical strike from time to time, accompanied by a shockwave when he ground pounds. He’ll also spew out 3 poison puddles, so avoid the initial spit and continue to avoid the poison on the ground that will eventually dissipate.

If you opt for close quarters, you may struggle, as he adds frenzied stomping to his bag of tricks. This attack is hard to evade from a timing perspective and he will follow up a with a super-charged stomp that has a wider range, so it’s a risky method to choose.

When you’ve killed him, you’ll earn yourself a Big Sealed Rune and a Stain Hammer.

Talk to the soldier, prod him into giving up more info and accept his request. Go through the doors to the Citadel, down the stairs and through the door at the end. The gat to the right is now open. Pop through the door, head up the stairs and take the Human Skull from the left after defeating the Temple Guardians.

Enter the corridor ahead and follow the stairs down into the room at the end where you’ll find 2 Rogues and a Curse Shortsword. There’s a shortcut on the right that leads to Memorial, but for now, double back up the stairs and on up the next set to the right. Ignore the inactive portal, kill the Marauder, head into the next room and kill the Infected and Rogues in here. Head through the door on the right to reach the main hall.

Make your way back to where you fought the Champion. The cage in this area is open now and inside are 3 audio notes and a chest holding a Poison Resistance Shard, an Empty Bottle, and Persistence head armour.

Return to where you fought the Beast and pick up the Planetarium Piece from near the red plumes of smoke. Head to the area near the graveyard where you previously passed by an inactive portal, to find that it’s not active. Enter the portal and follow the light to the chest, taking care not to step on the poison tiles that pave the way. As you approach the chest, you’ll be set upon by Rogues. During your fight, the light will move again, so follow it to the chest with them in tow and then take them out. The chest contains a Poison Resistance Shard.

Return to the graveyard and head toward the link to the Rhogur world to trigger a cutscene, after which you’ll receive a Human Tattoo. Go on through the portal and you’ll be treated to another cutscene featuring the next boss.

There’s a Tyrant on the bridge and his heart is just beyond him, so find it, take him down and pick up the Small Western Antechamber Key he drops upon defeat. Proceed forwards and deal with the Spellcaster just before another cutscene, after which you can choose to either follow Yetka or go straight on to fight the boss.

Go left to the tower, dispatching the Dimensional Beast and Forger here, go up the stairs, turn left and open the locked gate with your recently acquired key. Take the Burden Polesword and Eternal wrist and leg armour from the chest, and the audio note in here, before returning the way you came and heading to the other tower.

Kill the Spellcaster and Rogue and grab the Western Antechamber Chest Key dropped by the Spellcaster. Go through the doorway on the bottom floor to the room that joins the 2 towers and use the key to unlock the chest here. Inside you’ll find Faith wrist and leg armour. Return to the tower where you just fought the Spellcaster, you’ll see a ledge behind the stairs that you can across that leads to a room containing a Rogue and an audio note.

Go back to the first tower and head up the stairs and through the (now unlocked) gate. Take the stairs to the right, kill the Forger and Dimensional Beast waiting at the top, head down the right-hand path and defeat the Rogue and Hell Hound. You’ll recognise this area from when you were heading towards the Infiltrator boss fight, so follow this path once more and you’ll run into Yetka. Once you talk to her, use your Gauntlet to lift the magic barrier on the door behind her and use the lever to open it.

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