The Evil Within guide: Chapter 15 – An Evil Within

By Staff
21 October 2014 16:59 GMT

Take the fight to Ruvik in this final chapter of The Evil Within!


So here we are again, where it all began, outside the Beacon Mental Hospital. Go inside and push forward until you climb the ladder.

What at first seems like a maze of rooms and corridors is actually a load of dead-ends. There’s ammo and supplies here, and if you come to a dead-end, just go back the way you came. Eventually, you will go in the right direction by a process of elimination.

Go through the prison gates and up the spiral staircase until you reach two locked door. Have a look behind the first one, then try the second to carry on. When the cutscene has done, move to the door on the left where you can save your game and upgrade Castellanos. You may as well use up everything you’ve got at this point as it’s the last chance you have in the game.

After the cutscene you’ll be in a courtyard surrounded by enemies and giant eyeballs. Head to the ladders on the right side and climb up a level. This will mean your enemies will have to follow up the ladders, giving you extra time to shoot them and slowing them down into a bottleneck. Shotgun headshots are the best method here. Again, grenades are great for enemies clustering together.

After these enemies are down you’ll meet the Sadist from Chapter 1 again – the guy who hung you from a hook. The Harpoon Bolt is ideal here and as you’re close to the end of the game there’s not point holding back on ammunition.

When you have to fight the masked enemies, use the Sniper Rifle on them, then boot open the double doors.

Further on is another boss fight against The Keeper and his twin brother. If you use the spiked gate wisely you can separate the two of them, allowing you to concentrate fire on one while the other is trapped elsewhere. Sniper Rifle and Shotgun rounds are best in this guy’s belly. Never bother with the head for obvious reasons.

When they’re both dead go through the new door, pick up any Green Gel and head through the doors until you reach a maze of pillars. Here you need to avoid the lights, so study the patterns and move slowly. If you get spotted you only have to start again. When the giant device begins to chase you, run like hell and you’ll be back outside the hospital.

Go inside and ride the elevator to arrive at the stem of Ruvik‘s device. Once the cutscene finishes it’s time to fight Ruvik once and for all.

Firstly you need to avoid the giant claws. Keep running forward and stick to the sides as much as possible. When you get control of the turret concentrate your fire on its hands, switching to the brain when the red target appears. After the next cutscene you’ll be in control of a Rocket Launcher.

Fire rockets at Ruvik’s head, then at the red target when it appears. After the next cutscene, shoot Ruvik in the face with the handgun to complete the game.

Congratulations, you’ve completed The Evil Within!

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