The Evil Within guide: Chapter 11 – Reunion

By Staff
21 October 2014 11:03 GMT

Fight Ruvik, avoid the water creature and rescue Kidman.

the evil within ca (16)

Make your way outside past the merry-go-round and down the street until you find a hole in the wall next to an open sign. In these rooms you’ll come across the Magnum. When you get to the area with the chainlink fence and a handful of enemies, you need to head over to the locked door on the other side. More enemies will appear, but a short cutscene will highlight the location of the Old Fashioned Key.

Fight your way over there to get the key and get back to the door, then continue until you see the bodies hanging over the water. You need to shoot them so they fall in the water and the creature there eats them up. This is your distraction to swim across and not end up as fish food.

As you arrive at the door which slams shut, you’ll be set upon by a number of enemies, one of which looks like Ruvik. If you have explosives, use them. Also, Freeze Bolts are always useful when there’s crowds of enemies. Don’t run from Ruvik here, for once you can knock him down.

Immediately after you’ll be able to upgrade and save the game before continuing along the path. You’ll see a construction lift, which it going to be your next goal. to your left is a cage full of creatures. You’ll need to kill all of them before getting in and taking the ladder to the level above.

You’ll need to fight some more as you make your way to the stairs and the hand crank. Turn it and use the railings for cover, using the Sniper Rifle to take out the enemy with the machine gun. Keep the Shotgun handy for when enemies climb the ladder for you. Once they’re all down pull the lever beside the lift.

You’re now in for a bit of a wild ride. Shoot the barrels either side of the trolley and take out anyone with a Molotov. Use the Shotgun at short range and the Sniper Rifle and Magnum for any at a distance.

Once that’s over head to the office building and loot the rooms as you go. You’ll see Kidman when you get to the shipping containers, so you need to head over to her and save her.

Again, shoot the hanging bodies so they fall into the water and distract the beast while you make your way to the small island. Take down the enemies here quickly, then rescue Kidman. After a reunion you’ll be attacked again but if you just avoid the enemies Kidman will drop every one of them with a headshot. Sweet.

Go along the path to trigger the cutscene then into the warehouse full of mannequins. Sneak through here to the ladder and on the other side of the room, where you’ll find a door that requires the Factory Keycard. It’s just along the wall in the opposite corner, so don’t wander too far. Sneak kill any enemies here, then turn off the gas using the wheel.

Now you just need to use the keycard, meet Joseph and trigger the cutscene to complete the chapter.

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