The Evil Within guide: Chapter 9 – The Cruelest Intentions

By Staff
20 October 2014 13:06 GMT

Explore and escape Ruvik’s mansion, solving the brain puzzles as you go.

the evil within ca (14)

This chapter takes place in a large mansion. Rather than take you down each twist and turn, we’ll split the mansion in to areas to make it easier to navigate. You will also be chased three times by Ruvik in the mansion. You can’t kill him so just run from him whenever he turns up. When you’ve shook him off, return to whichever location you were in.

There are four main areas to explore here, and we’re going to start with the second level. Once at the top of the stairs you’ll see doors on the left, right and directly in front of you. Go through the double doors in front of you now.

Walk over the object glowing on the table to the left and pick it up. It’s the Lower Safe Dial. Check the room for anything else you might find useful. Exit this room and back outside to the unlocked door (the other is locked). Inside you’ll see a ladder and at the top is the Upper Safe Dial. The creature on the floor here isn’t dead so brace yourself to kill it.

Now go along the hallway to the right of where you entered the room and go through each doorway here to gather loot. When you get down the corridor to the broken floor tiles you’ll trigger a trap. Aim for the light above the teeth and shoot it to stop yourself from being killed. There’s a door near where the trap was that you should go through and look to the left. Smash the Goddess Statue for the key.

As you explore the room further you’ll find a fireplace that you can crouch and pass through. There’s a giant puzzle here, and you’ll need to solve this one and two others in order to open the giant door in the foyer. For this puzzle, locate A-2 Fear on the desk then insert the needle on the brain.

Exit the chamber, watch the cutscene, then leave the room and head left, burning any bodies on the way. You’ll eventually find yourself back outside on the second level of the mansion.

the evil within ca (10)

Go down to the main level of the mansion and through the foyer door to the left, into the dining area. There’s some Green Gel here and the Mansion Dining Room Note.

Advance here along the only real path you can take until you come across two creatures and a dead body. A grenade will make short work of these two and if Ruvik turns up just be ready to run back to the foyer until he’s gone.

Going forward you’ll come across another brain puzzle. Locate F-7 Consent and place the needle in the corresponding part of the brain. Now go back to the foyer.

In the foyer on the left you’ll be able to find a save room, so if you need to save or upgrade now is a good time.

Now head right from the foyer into a couple of rooms where you’ll be able to lay your hands on some loot. When you enter the large room with the piano there’s something shining in the corner. It’s the Mansion Music Room Note and in the painting above you’ll find a slot for both the Upper Safe Dial and the Lower Safe Dial. Putting the items in the right place here will allow you access to the third puzzle.

Take not of where C-4 Hope is located and move the needle on the brain to the corresponding spot. Now go all the way back to the foyer where you began.

You can now enter the really long hallway and go forward until Ruvik turns up again. After the cutscene follow the man until he begins to chase you, then run as fast as you can. You’ll come to a large room and you’ll need to crawl to work your way under and through what looks like motion sensors.

Next, you’ll need to keep moving as the gates fall and you try and shake off the enemy. When you reach the dead end, don’t panic. Shoot the chain on the door and the gate will open, letting you through. You’ll have to do this a few more times before you make it all the way to the end of this sequence. When you get to the barn you’ll watch another cutscene.

As the barn burns you need to use the wheels to lower and position the cage near the broken ladder. Once it’s in place get in and shoot the wheel that raises/lowers it, which will take you up to the loft.

At the top you’ll be attacked by the enemy who’s been chasing you and a few other creatures. Try to avoid him and kill the other enemies here, and once that’s over you’ll reappear in the long corridor. Go through the room and between the two bookshelves and you’ll complete the chapter.

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