The Evil Within guide: Chapter 8 – A Planted Seed Will Grow

By Staff
20 October 2014 12:02 GMT

Follow our walkthrough for this short chapter and find the Bloody Relief Plate.


Move forward and kill the two-headed creatures in front of you. Have a look around for any useful items then smash the boards here allowing you to continue. Further along you’ll need to kill another couple of two-headed enemies. Use the shotgun if you have shells.

Now crank the wheel and you’ll open the iron gate. Continue until you come to a bridge and you’ll have to duck a barrage of arrows. Time it right and use cover where possible to get to the other side. You can only go in one direction here, so keep moving until you squeeze through an opening. There’s a few shells and matches throughout the chapter, but as it’s so linear you should see most of what the game has to offer. Make sure you take it all as you go.

There are annoying little creatures on the ground here, but as you run over them they’ll die, so don’t worry about standing still and wasting ammunition. Just stomp them. Next, turn the other wheel to open another gate and you’ll soon be waist deep in water. As you move forward you’ll need to vault over a fence and stomp on a few more creatures.

As you continue you’ll arrive at some wooden steps and a woman impaled on a spike. At her feet is the Cave Note. Take it and head to the door and take the Bloody Relief Plate on the ground.

To pass through the door you need to make sure you have the plate the right way around – you need the blood on the top and top right edge before placing it in the door, which will now open. Keep going through the cave despite the weirdness and you’ll eventually find yourself in a corridor. As you go through the double doors a cutscene will trigger and you’ll have completed this short chapter.

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