The Evil Within guide: Chapter 5 – Inner Recesses

By Staff
17 October 2014 15:04 GMT

Avoid the spike traps and kill the hideous spider-woman. Fire is your friend.


You begin this chapter in a long corridor with doors on the left and the right. Go through each one and you’ll find a fair bit of Green Gel, Matches and ammo. Be careful as you’ll also be attacked by an invisible enemy. Look for it to move furniture or step in water to locate it, then hit it with the shotgun and burn it. You’ll need to use this technique quite a lot in this chapter.

Make your way to the end of the corridor, into the room and down the hole. Melee the rat here for a Statue, which can be broken open to find a key. These keys are used to open lockers in the hospital where you save the game and upgrade your character.

Duck under the boarded up doorway and you’ll come across a locked door in front of you that requires a keycard. The corridor here will eventually lead you to the keycard, but you’re going to have to fight some more invisible enemies on the way, so take your time. Keep your shotgun to hand here, as the pistol isn’t much use. You’ll find a fair amount of loot here too, so have a good search through the rooms.

When you find the body with the keycard move quickly back to the locked door – don’t waste time and ammo fighting any more enemies – and go through to the new place. You can only go in one direction here, so follow it down the stairs and you’ll be locked in a room with no doors. Look closely and you’ll see peep holes on three of the walls.

Once you look through each peep hole you’ll reveal a door to the right. Go into each room, loot it and activate the spike trap. Study the buttons and you should be able to work out which button stabs the body and which will kill you outright. Once you’ve done this in all three rooms a large blood stain on the wall in the main room reveals a door.

Go through the next hallway to meet Joseph, heal him, then explore the rooms on either side as you continue along the only real path you can. As you get to the door with three bombs wired to it, Joseph will take care of them and trigger the next cutscene.

Go through the doorway on the right to save the game and do any upgrades you need. Then go up the ladder and through the double doors where you’ll come up against Julie.


This is a big fight. As you drop down you’ll be attacked by a lot of enemies. Use the Explosive Bolts to take out large clusters of enemies, and shoot the dynamite if any enemies are carrying it. Be sure to keep a decent distance between yourself and the enemies and don’t panic.

Once they’re all dead, follow Joseph’s instructions and trace the cable. There are a few more enemies here, but nothing compared to what you’ve just dealt with. When you reach the control panel set it to 22 and 5.

Once the cutscene plays out you’ll drop through the floor and through a crack in the wall. There are a few side rooms to loot and a couple of enemies to deal with, but again, you’re only really heading in one direction. You’ll eventually find Joseph and Julie.

After the sequence of cutscenes and scripted events, make your way through the corridor and avoid the booby traps. There’s another chance to save your game here, so upgrade and do so as you’re about to enter another battle.

As you continue further down the corridor look out for two enemies waiting to ambush you. If you have an Explosive Bolt left use it to your advantage. You’ll now trigger a bit of a boss fight.

Fire is your friend here. You need to set the spider-woman on fire five times in total. There are explosive barrels you can use, combined with the fire traps. The spider-woman will follow you through the narrow corridor where you can hit the switch and set it on fire. You can repeat this tactic plenty of times.

When she’s dead, go through the double doors and fight the last enemies here. Disconnect them from the hive and you’ll complete the chapter.

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