Alien Isolation guide: mission 16

By Staff
15 October 2014 14:51 GMT

Tap in the digits.


Alien Isolation guide – mission 16 – Transmission – Input Torrens Coordinates

Let’s do the space walk.

Find a Way to Contact the Torrens

When you leave the shuttle, use the Security Access Tuner to open the door to Reception and go through. Follow the hallway until you reach a door on the right-hand side with no sign above it and use the Ion Torch to open it and enter.

Head down the steps, turn left and follow the hallway all the way to the end, back towards the room where you found the Motion Tracker 12 missions ago. Just before this room is another room on the right-hand side of the corridor and that’s where you want to go.

Pop up the stairs and save your progress at the save station. Carry on through the door and follow the hallway to the right, and up the stairs to the left to find Ricardo.

Find the Sevastopol Observatory

Once Ricardo opens the door for you like the very embodiment of chivalry itself, go to the end of the corridor and take the lift to Comms Control. When you disembark, go left and through the door to the Observatory Chamber. Follow the hall to a door where you’ll have to whip out the Ion Torch, then go through and scoot up the ladder.

Use the Tracking System to Find the Torrens

Use the terminal just behind you to Activate Observation Platform, then Commence Deep Space Scan on the next 2 terminals.

Manually Input Torrens Coordinates

Retrace your steps back down the ladder and to the corridor. Head left to the E.V.A. Preparation room and use the platform in here. When the platform comes to a halt, use the save station to the right then change into one of the space suits nearby. Go through the External Array, head right and and through the door at the end of the hall. Pass through the next door when it opens and make your way across the walkway towards Dish Maintenance.

Use the elevator here and continue on towards Dish Maintenance. You’ll eventually find yourself in a dark room where you need to find and push the button to Reboot Array Clamp Controls. Once you’ve done this, Power Up Clamp Release, then do the same thing 2 more times over to the right. Now go back to the left and Unlock Emergency Clamp.

Go back through the way you entered and head up the stairs. Select Input Torrens Coordinates at the top of the stairs, to the right, and enter the coordinates you have for the Torrens (35, 75). You can now contact the Torrens.

Find a Way for the Torrens to Dock

Take the elevator down and go back to where you picked up the space suit. After an outfit change, hop into the elevator in this area and stay out of sight at the appropriate moment. Leave the room and head into the elevator to the left, choosing Comms Security Surveillance as your next destination.

Make your way back to where you last saw Ricardo, head down the stairs, turn right, and follow the hallway until you reach the door to Reception on the left-hand side. Go through here, down the stairs and follow the corridor to the left, all the way back to the Departure Bay. There’s a lift to the right, through this door, that you can take to Systech Upper Transit, ending the mission.

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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