Alien Isolation guide: mission 14

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14 October 2014 14:36 GMT

Barbecue time.


Alien Isolation guide mission 14 – The Descent – Find the Bolt Gun and Flamethrower

I say we roll them in there and nerve gas the whole fucking nest.

Get to the Reactor Core

Exit the lift and carry on through the doors ahead to prompt your objective to refresh.

Investigate the Central Reactor

To your left is a mechanism that will present you with the option to Power Up Tram Systems. Select this, then choose to Activate Tram to the right. Now follow the signs that mark the way to the Workshop. When you reach the area with the security camera, enter the room o the right to use the Access Rewire to deactivate the camera feed. There’s an android in here that you’ll also need to take care of.

Sweep the area for supplies, which will include an Ion Flame to upgrade your Cutting Torch, before continuing onwards past a couple of security scanners and using your fancy new Ion Torch to open up the hatch covering the ventilation shaft. The vent will lead into a room with a save station, and once you’re done here, head into the adjacent room where you’ll be faced with another android that needs to be dealt with.

When he’s down, get yourself onto the platform he was previously occupying, power up the Workshop Controls, then follow the cables to where you will be prompted to power them up again. Do the same at the third device before heading over to the generator and activating it to access another vent. Follow the vent and climb the ladder to pop out into a hallway T-section. Follow the corridor to the right towards Facility Management.

Unlock the Shutter

You will eventually enter a room with a patrolling android. Dispatch it then make your way to the next room to find a Boltgun on the desk and a Sevastolink terminal. Grab the gun and immediately rifle through the Personal folder on the terminal to find the code to unlock the shutters (6832), then enter the code in the Utility folder.

Get to the Reactor

Retrace your steps back to the Facility Management sign, then enter the door marked ‘Reactor Access’ and follow the these signs until you reach the elevator. Hop aboard and choose to visit the Central Reactor. When you arrive, follow the sign that points to the Central Reactor and you’ll eventually be reunited with your guns when you reach a ladder. You can save your progress at the save station at the top of the ladder.

Continue following the signs to the Central Reactor and eventually you’ll have another powwow with Ricardo, after which you can board the elevator and select the Use option.

Descend to Base of Reactor

When you exit the elevator, you’ll be set upon by a number of androids, so get rid of them before heading right around the walkway and making your way towards Beta Core – Primer and Beta Core – Release. When you come across the door to Reactor Maintenance, head through it to another lift and take it to Central Reactor Maintenance.

Destroy the Nest

I think you can guess what you’ll find down here. Go straight on into the nest to find a save station, and save your progress.

Overload the Alpha Core

Head through the door here and carry on until you’re attacked. Take care of your assailant, then grab the Flame Thrower from the corner desk and Enable Conduit Interface, before disengaging the locking mechanism in the middle of the room. You can Activate Alpha Conduit on the other side. Now retrace your steps to refresh your objective.

Overload the Beta Core

Save at the save station, then pop down the corridor to the Secondary Coolant Storage. When you come across a vent on the right, follow it to the end, then head right, where you’ll find another save station.

Redirect Power to the Central Core

Continue following the corridor into a second one, then follow it until you reach a vent on the left. Follow it to the room at the end where you can Restore Power.

Overload Beta Core

Double back once more to the last save station, then go up the stairs to an office and Enable Conduit Interface, before leaving the office and disengaging the locking mechanism and activating the Beta Conduit at the central console in this area.

Return to the Central Reactor

Backtrack to the lift and return to Central Reactor Maintenance.

Overload Alpha Core

Exit the lift and turn left on the walkway. Head towards Alpha Core – Primer, taking care of the hostile androids along the way, until you reach a terminal that will let you Overload Alpha Core. Now move on to the next terminal near the middle walkway that will show up as your next target, and Deactivate Core Limiter Alpha. Follow the walkway around to the right to find another terminal that will let you Deactivate Protective Relay Alpha.

Overload Beta Core

Whip out the Motion Tracker to find the next console you need to interact with and select Overload Beta Core before popping back to the walkway at the centre to Deactivate Protective Relay Beta. Follow the Tracker again to the console that will allow you to Deactivate Core Limiter Beta.

Redirect Power to the Central Core

Someone is Miss. Popular – there will be yet more androids just waiting to rip your arm off and club you to death with it, so make your way back to where you entered the area and use the nearby terminal to Divert Power to the Central Core.

Initiate Purge from Reactor Control

Scoot across the room to the Emergency Exit and then into the vent on the left. Follow the path to the control room at the end and Initialise Emergency Purge Sequence on both sides of the console here before heading back to the centre and choosing to Commence Purge Sequence.

Return to Ricardo

Leave the room via the door that leads to the Transit Station and follow the signs towards it.

Go to the San Cristobel Medical Facility

Go over to Towerlink 02 and summon the transit. Select SCIMED Tower as your next destination to wrap up here.

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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