Alien Isolation guide: mission 12

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14 October 2014 12:50 GMT

Time to put the breaks on.


Alien Isolation mission 12 – Synthetic Solution – Halt Grid Purge

Rise of the machines.

Find Samuels in Seegson Synthetics

When you exit the transit, you’ll have a conversation with Ricardo, after which, your objective will refresh.

Take the Elevator to Seegson Synthetics

Take the stairs to the left and through the door to the right, at the top. Go up the steps here, past the lift to the left, thought the door ahead and onto the elevator in this area to get to Seegson Synthetics.

Climb the Elevator Shaft to the Upper Labs

When you reach your destination, use the Sevastolink terminal at the desk, access the Personal folder and totally disregarding the fact that you’re not Smythe, read the memo anyway to get a door code (8382).

The door you want to unlock is to the left of the elevator, but you’ll need to use the Plasma Torch before you can enter the code (8382) to open it. There’s a vent through here, so clamber in and follow it to its end. When you pop out, make your way across and up the series of ladders that lie ahead until you trigger an event that ends in an elevator. Waste no time, and scramble up into the elevator shaft above and into the next room.

Follow the path through the room, saving your progress at the save station, then leave via the door to the left. Follow the corridor to the left and take the first left along here towards Apollo Secure Transit.

Find a Way Through the Electrified Door

You’ll notice some cables that run along the floor here to a couple of rooms nearby. Follow them into their respective rooms and turn off the devices that they lead to. There is another device near the door itself. When they’re all switched off, head through the now accessible door.
Follow the hallway until you reach a door near a vent that will close as you approach it. When it does, pop into the vent and watch Samuels. Afterwards, carry on through the shaft.

Find Samuels

The vent will lead you out into a room that you leave by pushing the button next to the door. There will be a Sevastolink terminal on a desk to the right that you can use to browse another Personal folder and discover the existence of a lockdown button in the vicinity. The button is to the right of the terminal. Select Lift Lockdown to unlock the large door at the other side of the room and through the throng of supposed display androids. You should’ve played enough video games and watched enough films to know that this is bullshit. Stay on your toes.

Hotfoot it past the androids, through the door and to the Sales Agreements desk. Use the Access Rewire to activate the Gas Divert option, setting the Synthetic Showroom, and the androids within, alight. Leave the room to do a bit of looting. You’ll find a molotov on a nearby carcass and various supplies in the nearby room that you can use to craft medkits and all manner of explosives. When you’re appropriately kitted out, save at the save station before making your way back to the Synthetic Showroom.

Whip out your doodads of choice and take care of the murderous androids set on killing you. The Motion Tracker will confirm when they’ve all been dispatched of, and when this is the case, turn off the Gas Divert, allowing you to search them all until you find a keycard that will open the Apollo Secure Transit door. Take the stairs to the left and into the booth at the top where you’ll be presented with the option to turn off the device here. Do it.

Follow Samuels

Leave the room, board the elevator and select Android Orientation as your next destination.

Find Samuels in Seegson Synthetics

When you leave the elevator, there’s only one route you can take, so follow it to the end, where you’ll find a save station and audio file in the same room. Leave the room, heading toward the Implant Ward and use the lever to open the door.

Be extra cautious in this next area, as it’s full of motion scanners and androids that will lurch to life if you get caught out. Make your way into the office and use the Access Rewire to deactivate the Camera Feed. Head into the vent on the floor and it will lead you out into another office. Leave the office, use the Access Rewire again to to deacvtivate the Camera Feed before whipping out the Security Access Tuner to open the nearby door and meet up with Samuels.

When you’ve finished talking, head through the Android Orientation door on your left and follow the hallway around to the left, until you get to the the room where Samuels is trying to reach Apollo.

Halt the Grid Purge

Samuels will instruct you to turn off 5 devices in a specific order, so that’s what you need to do next. The order is red cable, blue cable, wall socket next to the upturned gurney, next to the open floor panel (and deactivated android) and finally, the one in front of the glass by Samuels.

Take Private Transit to Apollo Core

Retrace your steps back to the Implantation Ward, once again taking care not to rouse the synthetics, and save at the save station in the hall. Continue backwards along the path you originally came down until you reach a platform where you can choose to Activate Car, and do so. Head through the Apollo Secure Transit, hop into the elevator and choose Apollo Secure Transit as your next port of call.

When you exit, turn left, towards Towerlink 01, and Call Transit. Board it and select To Apollo Core to end the mission.

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