Alien Isolation guide: mission 8

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13 October 2014 11:24 GMT

You were better off alone.


Alien Isolation guide mission 8 – Haven – Reactivate the Transit

There are quite a few humans milling around during this mission and you’ll want nothing to do with them.

Get to the SCIMED Transit Station

Disembark the lift, and enter the first door on the right, using the lever to open it. Head down stairs, turn left at the bottom and use the Security Access Tuner to open the door. Take the next left and go on down the stairs to initiate a cutscene.

Get to Transit Control

Save your game befre going up the stairs to the left of the save station, towards the Towerlink Transit System, and go through the door on the left. Head straight down this next corridor, then turn left when you reach the end to find a locked door that you can jimmy open with the Maintenance Jack
When the cut scene ends you’ll be asked to Get to Transit Control. Move across the room and up the stairs just to the left of the save game mechanic, passing under the Towerlink Transit System sign and going through the door along the left wall. Follow the hall and turn left at the end, using your Maintenance Jack to get through the locked door and into the elevator, before hitting the button for Transit Control.

Reactivate the Transit at the Main Console

Step off the elevator, pick up the flashbang from the table and use it in the middle of the room when presented with the option to do so. Unsurprisingly, this will attract the attention of a nearby being of the human persuasion, who you want to avoid. Or dispose of. The choice is yours. Once the coast is clear, use the lever in this room, located close to where you entered.

Make your way around the outside edge of the room to the right and use the computer when you come across it. Get ready to be jumped by an android as soon as you do this, and a pretty hectic one at that.

Reactivate the Transit at the Main Console

Once you’ve given him what for, scoot back to the middle of the room and use the console to reactivate the Transit.

Get Back to the Transit Station

Forget about taking the lift back the way you came. Can you hazard a guess why? That’s right, it’s broken. Instead, go down the stairs and through the door next to it. Loot the poor bugger you’ll find in here and go through the open doorway where you’ll find another dead sod whose pockets you can rummage through.

Once you’re done stealing, take the Cutting Torch from the table and save your game before doubling back to the room you just came through. Take the stairs in here and use the Gas Torch on the panel at the top to access the vent which you should immediately shove yourself into and follow through to the end.
You’ll pop out into another room that you can leave via the door once you’ve used the lever on your left to open it. Go down the stairs to the right.

Take the Transit Car to Solomons Habitation Tower

Summon the transit over at Towerlink 02 and prepare for a bunch of not-very-friendly humans to arrive on the scene. You can hide somewhere like a coward and wait for the transit to arrive before slinking on trying to bury your shame, or go mental and slaughter them all. Either way, board the transit when it arrives and head to Solomons Habitation Tower.

Get to Colonial Marshal Bureau

Watch the cutscene and then watch your objective update twice, landing on the above. Exit the transit and use the save station on the right-hand side. When you’re done, go up the staircase into Solomons Galleria, veer right and into the door marked ‘Colonial Marshals’.

Carry on through here, up the stairs and speak with the Marshals.

Talk to Marlow

You can find Marlow lurking at the back of the room on the right. Go and have a chinwag with him to wrap up this mission.

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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