Alien Isolation guide: mission 7

By Staff
10 October 2014 09:15 GMT

If you want something done right, get a Synthetic to do it.


Alien Isolation guide mission 7 – Seegson Synthetics

You need to get your new-found med supplier to Taylor, but of course, this is going to involve finding convoluted alternate routes because everything is always broken.

Find an Alternate Elevator

Enter the vent on the left-hand side of the hallway and follow it to the end.

Find a Compression Cylinder to Repair the Elevator

Save your game, then walk down the hall and enter the vent on the right. You’ll pop out into the company of some Sapiens who won’t see you straight away, so make your way to the vent in the floor ahead of you to avoid an encounter.

Once inside, do a 180, shimmy straight on and take a right when your way is blocked. Carry on until you can take another right, then left when it opens out. Go straight and follow the path which will eventually take a right turn before depositing you next to a ladder.

Climb up here and head right along the hallway. Enter the second room on the right that’s actually accessible and you’ll find a save point and a smoke bomb on the wall. Do what you need to do in here, then go back out to the corridor, turn right and carry on until you reach Synthetic Storage.

Find a Way to Open the Door to the Warehouse

Go through this door and follow the hallway into the large room.

Use the Requisitions Android to Access the Components Warehouse

There’s an android stowed away in a glass display case, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s not actually in working order. Buggery bollocks!

Find a Way to Power Up the Requisitions Android

Facing the glass booth, turn left and go through the door on the opposite side of the room. You can upgrade your Security Access Tuner at the table in here and save your game at the save station. Now leave the room, and go right, back through the door you initially came through.

Use the ladder in this hallway and use the Security Access Tuner in the room up here.

Activate the Requisitions Android at its Booth

Exit the room and head over to the door on your right. Use the Access Tuner to unlock it and pillage the next room before using the Sevastolink Terminal to find out that you can either repair the elevator by going on a quest to find the missing parts, or be a lazy git about it and just use the android. What a conundrum. After mulling this over for all of a millisecond, get yourself back down to that android and power it up.

Retrieve the Compression Cylinder

The android will lead you to the Components Storage. As soon as you enter the room, abandon him immediately. head over to the right and select Move Down when the prompt appears. Do this 4 times to emerge on the other side of the storage area where you can take a moment to mourn for your synthetic guide, or scoff at his shocking stupidity. Because he was just horribly electrocuted.

Carry on to where he was headed and when prompted, select Move Down to pick up the Compression Cylinder.

Replace Component in the Elevator

Leave the room and head left. When you go through a doorway, turn right, carry on through to the Technician Training area and on to the elevator. Replace the compression cylinder when prompted, then board the elevator and choose the Synthetic Fluid Plant as your next destination.

Find Exit to Synthetic Fluid Plant

Go straight into the assembly area. Head along the left side of the room, through the Facility Administration door and follow the corridor left all the way to the end, where you’ll come to a door with 2 armed people on the other side.

Sneak through the room using cover, then make your way to the elevator ahead of you and send it to Scimed Tower Transit to end the mission.

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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