Dark-Souls-with-a-Rock-Band-guitar guy smashes the sequel, too

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 7 October 2014 05:21 GMT

The guy who beat Dark Souls using a Rock Band controller has triumphed over the second game too, and has more bold plans in mind.


Dark Souls 2 took Bearzly nine hours to complete with a Rock Band guitar, played on PC with custom mapping. On the way, he fell off a lot of ledges and struggled to overcome the Ancient Dragon, but only died 92 times. A lot of people couldn’t manage that even with standard controls.

Below you’ll find a video of Bearzly’s battle with Darklurker, and you can check out his Twitch channel for more highlights.

For his next trick, Bearzly intends to conquer Dark Souls with a WiiMote. Gosh.

Thanks, Polygon.

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